MT Educare launches ‘R+ Notebook’ – a revolutionary learning pedagogy

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22 nov 2018 : MT Educare, one of India’s largest coaching companies has launched a revolutionary book that uses digital technologies to combine the best aspects of a textbook, work book and classroom teaching into an innovative learning experience.

Captioned R+ Notebook, the said book is prepared by highly qualified teachers, instructional designers and top design professionals, and addresses the problem of students forgetting critical concepts at the time of revision. This is often a result of lack of a systematic approach where students tend to write in multiple notebooks, which a student may or may not find while revising before assessments.

The R+Notebook not only covers all the concepts and problems from a textbook along with space to solve these problems, but most importantly, each concept and problem comes with an embedded QR code. If a student has trouble recalling the concept or the approach to solve a particular problem, all he/she has to do is scan the QR code using R+Notebook’s companion app and he/she will be able to see a video of the teacher solving the problem in the classroom.

This innovation thus eliminates last minute stress that students often feel when they can’t recall a concept, or approach to a problem solution while revising the concepts closer to the assessment.

Mahesh Shetty, founder of MT Educare and the Company’s Whole time Director said, “This is the first time in the world that a ‘traditional’ notebook has been morphed into a multi-media learning book combining textbook, notebook, classroom learning and digital technologies to create a wholesome experience for students.”

The concept was test-marketed in the week of Children’s Day and was met with resounding success. Most of the students who thronged to MT Educare centers to experience this innovative approach to learning have signed up for the Class IX & Class X (2019-21 academic session).