Muslim Community Leaders in Pune Raise Concerns Over Qurbani Fraud

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Pune, 11th June 2024: In Islam, only two Eids hold foremost importance, one of which is Eid al-Adha, commonly known as Bakri Eid. During this time, many Muslim people embark on pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, engage in special Namaz prayers, and participate in ‘Qurbani’ (sacrifice). However, during Qurbani, many members of the Muslim community fall victim to fraudsters who deceive them of their money.

To combat this issue, social workers Anwar Shaikh, Mushtaq Ahmed Shaikh, and Faiyyaz Khan have submitted a letter to Pune City Commissioner of Police, Amitesh Kumar. The letter highlights how members of the Muslim community are enticed by the promise of low purchase prices for sacrificial animals. This deceptive practice is widely advertised in mosques, madrassas, and Muslim-dominated areas, resulting in crores of rupees being collected from residents of Pune City, the state, and the country at large.

The letter highlights a critical concern: the lack of transparency regarding the performance of Qurbani. People in Pune are misled into believing that their Qurbani will take place in distant regions like West Bengal or Bihar, while Muslims in those regions may be falsely informed that their Qurbani is occurring in Maharashtra or Gujarat. This organized deception must be addressed promptly, the letter states.

Mushtaq Ahmed Shaikh told Punekar News, “Such fraudulent practices contradict the teachings of Islam. We have demanded a thorough investigation into this matter, with stringent action taken against those responsible.”