National Medical Commission Clarifies Amidst Speculation on New Medical Colleges and Seats

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New Delhi, 14th April 2024: Amidst swirling rumours and speculations regarding the establishment of new medical colleges and the allocation of additional seats for degree and post-graduate courses in the academic year 2024-25, the National Medical Commission (NMC) has issued a clarifying statement, urging stakeholders to disregard unfounded discussions and reports.


The NMC highlighted that discussions regarding the establishment of new medical colleges and the recognition of seats for various medical courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels have been circulating on social media and in the press. In response to this, the commission issued a circular addressing the ongoing deliberations.


According to the circular published on the NMC website, no approvals have been granted for the establishment of new medical colleges, and there has been no increase in undergraduate or postgraduate seats in existing medical colleges. The commission clarified that decisions pertaining to the academic session of 2024-25 are still under consideration, with applications currently being processed.


The NMC emphasized that any official decisions regarding the academic year 2024-25 will be communicated through the commission’s website. Therefore, stakeholders are advised to refrain from lending credence to any baseless discussions or reports circulating in various media channels.


As the process continues, the NMC reassures stakeholders that transparent and official information regarding the establishment of new medical colleges and seat allocations will be disseminated in due course.