Nature’s Essentials for Your Baby

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India, July 24, 2018: As a new parent, it is natural for you to want the best for your little one. You tend to be more conscious about the choices you make for your baby and with the amount of baby care products available in the market there are chances of you getting confused. “Baby’s skin is more delicate and sensitive than adult skin, so be sure to use safe products on your baby. Whether it is oils and creams or shampoos and soaps, they should be gentle and safe on the skin, as chemicals like phthalates and mineral oils in baby care products can be harsh and affect baby’s delicate skin, “says Dr. Subhashini, Ayurveda expert, The Himalaya Drug Company.

Dr. Subhashini recommends the use of herbs like Aloe Vera, Khus Grass, Chickpea, Lavender, Indian Lotus which are gentle and help preserve the softness of baby’s skin. Calamine infused lotion helps soothe skin rashes and is recommended for monsoons when the baby is more prone to rashes.

Aloe Vera works best for treating dry skin and heals rashes and itchy skin. Its anti-inflammatory properties effectively cure common skin problems for babies. Natural herbs have antibacterial and antifungal properties that soothe and refresh irritated skin. These herbs help in treating skin infections and reduce redness, inflammation, and diaper rashes. Including olive oil in your baby’s skin care routine helps smoothen, soften, and nourish baby’s delicate skin. Rich in the antioxidant Vitamin E, olive oil ensures baby’s skin remains healthy.

“Chemical infused products get absorbed immediately by the baby’s skin as it is thinner, which can cause potential harm to your baby. Hence, it becomes important to choose products infused with the power of herbs. Your baby’s well-being depends on you. Apart from choosing safe products for your baby’s skin, it is important to provide the right kind of nutrition and exercise for overall wellness. Provide your little one with a balanced, nutritious diet and include outdoor play in their everyday routine,” adds Dr. Subhashini