Navigating the Challenges of Real Estate: An Entrepreneur’s Story

Yash Bhatia
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Yash Bhatia

Founder, Pratham Housing Investments

Pune, 6th May 2023: All my life, growing up, I had witnessed most of my friends and family working in Real Estate in some capacity or the other. Whether it was developing, contracting, or broking, I had seen it all around me since a very young age. I never had any inclination to enter this field, but life surely had other plans. 

Three years ago, by sheer luck, I made my first transaction of leasing a shop, and ever since then, there has been no looking back. When I started in Real Estate, I did not realize how challenging this line of work could be for any young individual. However, throughout my journey, I also came across some very inspiring people who guided me and helped me better understand the nuances of this field.

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