Nayanthara’s ‘Annapurni’ Controversy: Legal Action and Film Removal.

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11th January 2024: The controversy surrounding Nayanthara’s film ‘Annapurni’ has escalated, resulting in both legal repercussions and the removal of the movie from Netflix. The actress, who portrayed the titular character, saw her film initially released in theaters on December 1 and later on the OTT platform Netflix. However, approximately a month after its release, the movie sparked a nationwide uproar. Allegations suggest that objectionable comments about Lord Ram have caused hurt religious sentiments, portraying Lord Shri Ram as a meat eater, adding fuel to the ongoing controversy.

Directed by Nilesh Krishna, ‘Annapurni’ casts Nayanthara in the role of a priest’s daughter named Annapurni, who aspires to become a chef since childhood. The film unfolds a scene where Annapurni struggles during her culinary training, leading to Farhan citing a reference from the Ramayana. In the explanation, he mentions, “Valmiki has said in Ramayana that when Lord Rama, Sita, and Lakshman were hungry in the forests, they killed animals and ate them. It is also written in Ramayana that they ate non-veg.” This specific portrayal has become a focal point of contention, contributing to the controversy surrounding the film.

The backlash has led to legal action, with an FIR registered against Nayanthara, the director-producer, and Netflix India content head Monica Shergill. A Hindu organization in Jabalpur initiated the legal proceedings, targeting the entire star cast, producer, and director involved in the film.

Beyond this controversy, Nayanthara ventured into Bollywood with the film ‘Jawan,’ sharing the screen with Shah Rukh Khan last year. Following her Bollywood debut, there have been speculations about her involvement in an important role in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming project ‘Baiju Bawra.’ The actress continues to navigate both regional and national cinema, with her career extending to diverse cinematic landscapes.