Neer Chakra, water fetching vehicle, to be distributed to families in rural areas

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Pune, August 17, 2019 : Technology Reuse Environment Empowerment( TREE) Innovative Foundation , is providing ‘Neer Chakra'(Water fetching vehicle) for 25 rural families for fetching water. Distribution of Neer chakra is organized on  18th August  at Zendewadi(Purandar,District-Pune), said Tanveer Aslam Inamdar,founder,Tree Innovative Foundation.

 These water fetching vehicles will be given at hands of Dr P A Inamdar and  TP Inamdar ,who donated for initiative. NeerChakra has  80 liters of water storage and transportation capacity, Water Filtration System, Gyroscopic Stabilizer,Tap, Three-wheel drive metallic body. It has also provision of Breaking System.

Dr PA Inamdar, president,Maharashtra Cosmopolitan Education Society, donated Rs one lakh for this initiative.In Zendewadi,this initiative is impacting 25 families i.e.130 individuals,which are from economically weaker sections of the society.

Foundation has  initiated the Mission Plan to distribute NeerChakra in five deprived rural and tribal villages to the serve the women & youth to solve their problem of water fetching and water transportation, which will be directly or indirectly supporting the growth and development of individual.