NEET Paper Leak: High Court Seeks NTA Response, Next Hearing on July 5

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Pune, 12th June 2024: The Delhi High Court has issued a notice to the National Testing Agency (NTA) regarding the alleged NEET (UG) paper leak that occurred on May 5. The notice follows four new petitions challenging the integrity of the exam. The court has asked the NTA to respond to these allegations. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta informed the court that several related writ petitions have been filed in various courts, including the Supreme Court. The next hearing is scheduled for July 5.

The NEET-UG exam, held on May 5, 2024, has been surrounded by controversy with numerous allegations of paper leaks, irregularities, and malpractices. Students across the country have staged protests, demanding accountability and justice. The Congress party has also raised concerns, highlighting the need for corrective measures to ensure the exam’s integrity.

The four new petitions filed in the Delhi High Court demand not only grace marks for affected students but also a thorough investigation into the alleged paper leak. The court has directed the NTA to address these concerns and provide detailed responses. Solicitor General Mehta mentioned that various writ petitions concerning the NEET exam are pending in different courts nationwide, indicating the widespread impact and concern over the issue.

The next hearing in the Delhi High Court is set for July 5, where further deliberations will take place. This date is crucial for the students and authorities involved as the court will consider the NTA’s response and decide on the next steps.

In addition to the Delhi High Court proceedings, a petition in the Supreme Court has called for a re-examination of the NEET-UG, alleging that the paper leak and subsequent irregularities compromised the exam’s fairness. The petitioners are demanding an investigation into these irregularities and have requested that the exam be conducted again for all students who qualified.

The allegations of paper leaks have cast a shadow over the NEET-UG exam, raising questions about the NTA’s conduct and the overall credibility of the examination process. The upcoming court hearings are expected to bring clarity and potentially significant changes to the NEET-UG examination system, ensuring its fairness and integrity for future candidates.