Nepal Border Road Construction Hindered by Land Acquisition Delays

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Muzaffarpur, Bihar, March 27, 2024 – The construction of the Nepal border road, a project initiated a decade ago to enhance traffic flow, security, and trade relations, has encountered significant delays. Despite a target completion date of 2019, only 70 percent of the 315 km road spanning West Champaran, East Champaran, Sitamarhi, and Madhubani districts in North Bihar has been completed. The primary obstacles cited by officials are delays in land acquisition and encroachment, and stalling progress since construction commenced in 2013.

According to officials, the major hurdles include delays in land acquisition processes and instances of encroachment along the proposed route. Construction commenced in 2013, with West Champaran witnessing two-thirds of its 112 km stretch nearing completion. However, several areas still require attention, with issues surrounding land acquisition persisting.

In East Champaran, where the road spans 74 kilometers, progress has been impeded due to incomplete land acquisition, particularly in Raxaul, Chauradano, and Adapur. Similarly, in Sitamarhi, covering a length of 89.92 kilometers, construction is ongoing across seven blocks, yet challenges related to land acquisition persist. Officials cite instances of missing land documents and disputes over compensation as significant obstacles that have slowed progress.

Anshuman Bardhan, the Project Manager for Border Road Construction in West Champaran, acknowledges the delays but expresses optimism regarding recent progress. He assures completion by December, highlighting the project’s importance in facilitating movement along the border and providing employment opportunities for locals. Rana Brajesh, Assistant Engineer at the Madhubani Road Construction Department, echoes these sentiments, emphasizing the mutual benefits for both Indian and Nepali communities.