Netafim Launches the World’s Most Innovative Digital Irrigation System in India  

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18 DEC 2018 : NetBeat™ is an irrigation and fertigation management system that integrates monitoring, analysis and automation into a single mobile platform, enabling farmers to maximize productivity any time, anywhere.

Following the launch of NetBeat™ insIsrael at Agritech 2018, NetBeat™ is launched in Pune, India. NetBeat™ is the world’s first and most advanced digital irrigation and fertigation management system. The official launch of ‘NetBeat™ ’ in India has been done in the esteemed presence of Mr. Randhir Chauhan, Managing Director of Netafim India, Mr. Lior Doron, Director, Head of Digital Farming product management and Mr. Izhar Gilad, Head of Commercial & Business Development, Digital Farming, both from Netafim, Israel.

Netafim, which led the world’s first revolution in precision agriculture more than 50 years ago with its pioneering drip irrigation, today brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of agronomy and hydraulics to lead the digital farming revolution.

NetBeat™ provides farmers with real-time recommendations based on data pertaining to plant, soil and weather conditions obtained from both the field and external sources. This data is analyzed in the cloud, according to proprietary Dynamic Crop Models, based on 50 years of Netafim’s unique experience and research in the field of agronomy and hydraulics. NetBeat™ is the greatest innovation and the first irrigation system with a brain for Indian farmers, where they can easily monitor, analyze, get decision support and automate their irrigation operation by smartphone, wherever they are.

Based entirely on Israeli technology, NetBeat™ was developed in collaboration with mPrest, developers of the Command & Control platform used in the Iron Dome air-defense system. NetBeat™ is the first platform of its kind to integrate monitoring, analysis and automation in one system, controlled by the farmer through a friendly and simple user interface, that provides optimization and smart recommendations throughout all stages of the crop lifecycle, saving water, fertilizer and other inputs, and improving profitability.

As part of the Indian launch of NetBeat™, Netafim unveiled NetBeat™One, an innovative solution tailored for small farmers who need better control over their farms.

“Netafim is an innovative company that’s constantly looking for creative technology solutions that help the world grow more food with less resources. NetBeat™ offers a sustainable and innovative platform for both big and small farmers to ensure higher returns with minimum resources in agriculture,” says Randhir Chauhan, MD, Netafim India. “From companies cultivating large areas of land or community irrigation projects to an individual smallholder, NetBeat™ makes it easy to organize irrigation for the field and provides every stakeholder a way to maximize their results and peace of mind” he adds.

Mr. Lior Doron said, “NetBeat™ is the first irrigation management system with a brain. It combines a full solution of irrigation and fertigation control, monitoring and management together with smart Decision Support System crop models, interfaces to weather forecast and many other services and remote cloud access to the field from anywhere, anytime.”

“In light of today’s ever-increasing food and water security challenges, including dwindling precious resources and inefficient water usage, Netafim is proud to present NetBeat™ – the 1st irrigation system with a brain.” said Mr. Izhar Gilad