Netflix Unveils Diverse Subscription Plans for Indian Users

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Pune, 20th June 2024 – Netflix has introduced a range of subscription plans in India, catering to varied video quality preferences and device access. These plans, categorized from Basic to Premium, offer different streaming experiences suitable for different user needs.

The 149 rupees plan provides video quality at 480p resolution and allows access on one device at a time, primarily targeting mobile users. Moving up, the 199 rupees plan upgrades video resolution to 720p, accessible across mobile, tablet, computer, and smart TV platforms. For those seeking higher quality, the 499 rupees Standard plan offers 1080p resolution and permits streaming on two devices simultaneously. Finally, the Premium plan priced at 649 rupees delivers 4K streaming quality with spatial audio support, allowing streaming on up to four devices concurrently.

These subscription options aim to accommodate diverse streaming needs and preferences, ensuring an enriched viewing experience for Netflix users across India.