New TCS Solution Helps Enterprises Jumpstart Return-to-Work Programs Within Four Weeks

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MUMBAI, August 18, 2020: Tata Consultancy Services , a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, announced the launch of TCS Safe Workplace, a return-to-work solution that helps global enterprises quickly transition to a safe, secure and productive work environment.


As the COVID-19 crisis stabilizes, employees expect to return to a work environment they can trust. Enterprises are creating new policies to address mandated self-attestation, contact tracing and social distancing regulations, while also ensuring compliance. Reopening the workplace is particularly complex for large enterprises with multiple business lines and/or multiple jurisdictions and languages.


To address this pressing need, the TCS Safe Workplace was launched, leveraging TCS’ technology expertise and domain capabilities in HR processes, business continuity, facility management, and employee safety and well-being.


TCS Safe Workplace uses existing enterprise platforms to design and create a workplace command center that assesses the readiness of employees, the work environment and the workforce model; automates the return to work processes, including contact tracing, shift management, and workspace planning; and monitors critical risk factors.


Additionally, the solution helps companies manage self-attestation from employees, awareness communications, and grievance resolution. It identifies pandemic zonal hotspots and enables fact-based decision-making, so an organization can proactively adapt its operations to avoid issues that may affect its employees and customers.


TCS Safe Workplace enables enterprises to jumpstart return-to-work programs within four weeks and scale support to manage thousands of employees across various locations. Several global enterprises, including a US-based financial information and analytics company and a leading global computer parts manufacturer, have engaged TCS to deploy the solution to support their workplace reopening initiatives.


“As our customers determine the best return-to-work approach for their employees’ safety, security and basic health needs, TCS Safe Workplace helps them manage the enormity and complexity of this undertaking, and build resilience into their operations. In as little as four weeks, they can create a safe workplace for returning employees, and focus on growing their business,” said Ram Subramanian, Global Head – Human Capital Practice, Enterprise Application Services, TCS.