New to Pune woman raped by techie at Magarpatta City after giving her ‘shelter’

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Pune – In a shocking incident, a 26 year old woman who was transferred from Hyderabad to Pune, was allegedly raped by a techie who had provided ‘shelter‘ in his flat till she found accommodation here. She had met him on Facebook while searching for flats in Pune.

Initially she lodged a complaint with Warje police station on March 12 which has been transferred to Hadapsar police station, as the incident took place in Magarpatta City, Hadapsar.

The arrested accused has been identified as Sonal kumar Sute, who works as senior consultant with a private firm in Magarpatta City.

According to police, the woman worked as career counselor with a private company. She is also animal lover and has pet dogs. Being orphan she lived alone and there was nobody to look after the dogs so she decided to bring them to Pune. She didn’t want to keep them in cages in kennel. The incident took place on January 30, when she reached Hadapsar. She learnt that her company has booked accommodation for her in a hotel till she finds flat on rent. However she could not go there with her dogs. “The company knew that I am traveling with my pets as I had told them about it several times,” she told cops.

After failing to convince her company officials to find alternative accommodation, she began calling people whom she had interacted with on Facebook while searching for flat. One of them Sonal Kumar responded saying he lives in 3 BHK flat in Magarpatta City, located nearby.
He went to pick her also.

“He told me that he lives alone and can accommodate me for 3-4 days with pets and in these days I can find a house for me with which he will help me because he also loves dogs. He came with one of his friend Shinde. We checked a kennel on Balewadi road but there was no one to take care of mother and pups so I shifted to his flat and made arrangements for my pets in one of the room. I was sexually abused on the same night by this guy and I was not in a situation to oppose him neither physically, nor in any ways. He also took my photos and threatened to circulate them on Facebook and raped me for four days till I found a flat in Baner,” the woman narrated her ordeal to police.

She finally got a flat in Baner from there moved to Warje as neighbors in Baner harassed her for keeping the pets.

“I kept quiet all these days because my company’s name will be harmed if I filed police case,” the woman said, whose job has now been terminated.

The woman encountered problem at every step in the city. “When police took me for medical check up, the doctor asked me to get admitted for two days which I refused as I had to feed the dogs. The doctor got angry saying kutta kutta kiya to Rape case ki ek formal report bana k de doonga. And finally they gave me a formal report of my rape case. I am totally lost. Police is not cooperating at all, my employer has terminated me, without any fault and after this much humiliation, what Should I do. Then I got a lawyer through Facebook who took all the details of my case and started demanding Rs 10000 without any paper work. When I denied he said he will fight the case on behalf of accused. I am so shocked and I need help,” she further added.

Police say that you are raped because you tried to save those pups, you should have thrown them anywhere on the road. My employer says we have nothing to do with those pups though they promised me an accommodation with them else I would had never moved here vanishing my life,” she added.

The report will updated after getting comments from respective companies.