Newly Appointed SP Pankaj Deshmukh Warns of Action Under MPDA to Tackle Extortion in Industrial Areas of Pune Rural Police Jurisdiction

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Sumit Singh and Tikam Shekhawat

Pune, 3rd February 2024: In his first official interaction with the media since assuming office as the Superintendent of Police for Pune Rural Police, Pankaj Deshmukh delivered a stern warning against extortion and hooliganism in the industrial areas under his jurisdiction. Deshmukh emphasized the utilization of the Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities (MPDA) Act as an option to deal with such cases.

Deshmukh earlier served with the Pune City Police traffic branch as well as with CID, Pune.

Addressing the prevalent issues, he highlighted the influx of citizens from various states and Maharashtra regions into the Pune district for employment and business opportunities. Deshmukh acknowledged the challenges arising from increased urbanization and pledged to prioritize solutions to both traffic problems and maintaining law and order.

The Superintendent of Police expressed concern about the harassment faced by business establishments in Pune district’s industrial areas, particularly in the form of pressure from Mathadi organizations. He assured strict action against extortionists, urging entrepreneurs to file complaints for swift intervention. Notably, areas like Ahmednagar Road, Solapur Road, and the Ranjangaon industrial areas will receive targeted measures to alleviate traffic concerns.

Deshmukh also underscored the need for infrastructure improvement at popular tourist destinations like Lonavala and religious sites such as Bhimashankar, which struggle to accommodate the rising footfall.

Highlighting the impact of offensive content on social media, Deshmukh addressed the increasing incidents of disputes between groups. He emphasized the importance of monitoring social media platforms to maintain law and order, asserting that stringent action would be taken against individuals posting offensive messages.

In his comprehensive approach to governance, Deshmukh signals a commitment to addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by Pune Rural Police, emphasizing both proactive crime prevention and traffic management strategies.

The public eagerly awaits the implementation of these measures to ensure a safer and more orderly environment in the district.



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