Nitin Gadkari inaugurates Second Liquid Chemical Berth of Mumbai Port Trust

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Mumbai Port Trust today commissioned its Second Liquid Chemical Berth at Pir Pau, at Mahul near Chembur.  The facility was inaugurated by the Union Minister for Shipping, Shri Nitin Gadkari.

Shri Gadari in his address said “with full commissioning of this berth, the cargo handling capacity of the Port will increase by 2.5 MMT per annum.  However, this will not add to the burden of city’s road/rail infrastructure as discharge of cargo from the ship to the storage will be thorugh pipelines”.  Shri Gadkari said the government has accorded priority to shipping development in the country and the port infrastructure is getting a major boost under the Sagarmala initiative.
The Second Chemical Berth of MbPT is a modern state- of -art facility with 4 mooring dolphin, equipped with  Quick Release Mooring Hooks ( QRMHs), 2 breasting dolphin having cell fenders with frontal pad for smooth berthing of chemical tankers and a service platform with a provision of 7 Marine Loading Arms ( MLAs) connected with 650 mtrs.  long trestle having road way and pipelines.  The berth is designed to handle 55000 DWT vessels carrying liquid bulk chemicals and POL products, which can be upgraded to 65000 DWT in future. The total project cost is Rs.127 crores.  The safety standards provided at this facility are conforming to the Oil Industry Safety Directorate ( OISD) norms.
“Full commissioning of this berth will also result in substantial reduction of cost to the importers with faster turnaround of ships carrying bigger parcel size”, said the Chairman, Mumbai Port Trust, Shri Ravi Parmar.