No Constraints for Learning in India

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21 November 2019- Indian parents make sure their children get the best of everything and anything. Parents have so much expectations and dreams for their children. Parents believe education  to be the biggest asset one can give or get. They strive hard to fetch the best of education by all means from a very early stage. The cost of world class education is becoming an overburden to all the parents of all levels of income. Government and other private sectors provide Scholarships to ease the burden from the shoulders of parents.

The competition between the education sectors had become too much that they come up with various schemes which put forth the parents and students  in chaos.Now we have so many portals like Collegedunia and GetMyUni to help parents to do research and find the apt place for learning. Setting all these aside now parents are quite interested in homeschooling for children and there is an increased demand of digital-learning.

Home- Schooling:

Educational system in India is still with the one size fits all approach, many parents want to get rid of that and opt for home schooling which benefits the students to have special care with the speed they understand and with a customised curriculum based on the parent or the student. Home schooling is opted over the fear of crimes against children happening in the public schools. Also parents believe that children can be protected from evil addictions and negative behaviours. Moreover, they can spend more time with students and understand them. Parents find this way is cost effective too.

Digital Learning/Virtual Learning:

Most of the schools and institutions have now well equipped virtual labs to give students all the facilities to have a world class environment. In virtual learning using the video conference softwares like skype, an instructor who is highly skilled and with hands on experience on the subject would teach the students. Digital learning can be done anywhere in the comfort of the student.Digital  method of teaching is encouraged by everyone as students get to study the subject from a professional.

Classroom Learning:

Classroom learning is the very old learning methodology and still in use as it can’t be evaded. There are so many improvements required in the core educational system yet  Classroom is where we get to know different people with different ideologies. Students get disciplined and adapt to different kinds of people and situations. More than the subject knowledge there is a chance for them to get the knowledge from listening just the talk of obscure professionals and how to behave with fellow beings and understand people. Classroom gives all that modern education can’t give.


Technology has become so accessible and  affordable that it anyone can get what they want. If someone is in a financial crisis, they just have to log in to an online portal like GetMyUni and find the Scholarships to take up. The crucial thing is to decide what you want to do and how you want it to be done.  Though online learning methodologies are becoming very popular it can never replace the classroom system. Princess Diana had changed the educational system of homeschooling of royals to going to public school. So it’s just that we need to advance our class rooms with all modern curriculum and amenities.