Notorious mafia Atiq Ahmed and brother shot dead in Prayagraj: Killers posed as media persons

Atiq ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed
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Prayagraj, 16th April 2023: In a gruesome incident, notorious mafia and Bahubali Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed were killed in a public shooting incident in Prayagraj, despite heavy police deployment. The alleged killers posed as media persons and have been arrested for the heinous crime.

During interrogation, it has been revealed that the accused had planned the murder while in police custody. Disguised as media personnel, the attackers named Lovelesh, Sunny, and Arun fired upon Atiq and Ashraf while accompanying them to the hospital for medical examination. The brazen act was caught on camera as media personnel were present during the attack.

The police are currently questioning all three assailants and have promised swift justice in the matter.