Now, Dnyaneshwari on YouTube!

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Alandi, December 7, 2020: The mammoth efforts by Guruvarya Dr Kishanmaharaj Sakhare and Padmabhushan Vijay Bhatkar the Dnyaneshwari, the religious text will now be available in the audio-video format on the internet. The entire Dnyaneshwari is recorded in the voice of Dr Sakhare in jayjaywanti raga. The recording is completely modern and is presented in the digital format.

Sakhre maharaj

It helps us to listen to a line when at the same time the text will appear on the screen. The complete recording is of 35 hours and one can listen to it digitally. It is available free of charge on the YouTube channel of Dr Sakhare Maharaj.


The project was implemented by Shreeguru Sakhare Maharaj Prasadik Granthraj Shree Dnyaneshwari Satsang Mandal. It will be launched on Kartiki Ekadashi on December 11, 2020.