Now Indian Doctors Can Treat Patients All Over The World Through Telemedicine Network 

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Pune, 15th September 2021: A global telehealth exchange network is now being set up in India to provide telemedicine services to physicians from all over the world. The information of doctors working in different parts of the world is scrutinized and published on this platform.


Indian doctors will now be able to register in it. Therefore, it will be possible for doctors to provide medical services to patients from all over the world by enrolling with their experience in medical services, identity card, availability and tariff.


As the service is available in the form of a mobile application, the patient will be able to keep control of his medical records and personal information. Therefore, patients do not have to worry about the confidentiality of information. It will also save their time and money on regular checkups.


Doctors who will be registered on this app, their experience and information will be available to all patients through this app and patients will be able to take the time to contact these doctors directly for treatment.