Now permanent commission for women officers in Indian armed forces

Indian Army woman officer giving demonstration about handling ammunition to foreign troops.

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New Delhi – The Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort, on the occasion of the 72nd Independence Day, announced that women officers of Short Service Commission in the Indian Armed Forces would now be eligible for permanent commission through a transparent selection process.

The held strength of women officers vis a viz male officers in the Armed Forces is as given below:

Women Men
Indian Army:

(excluding Medical, Dental & Nursing)

1561 41074
Indian Air Force:

(excluding Medical & Dental branch)

1594 10781
Indian Navy:

(including Medical & Dental officers).

644 10652

At present, in consonance with the policy in vogue, women officers are not inducted in Arms of Indian Army which are involved in direct combat role. The first batch of three women fighter pilots has been commissioned into the IAF in 2016.
Women officers in the Indian Navy are employed in combat, combat support and support roles. In their capacity as Pilots and Observers onboard Maritime Reconnaissance aircraft, women are being employed in a combat role.
In Navy, the policy for setting up of Permanent Commission for women officers in Law & Education and Naval Constructors branch has been finalized. In case of Indian Air Force, Government had issued prospective policies for grant of permanent commission to women officers in certain branches, whereas in Indian Army, the policy for grant of permanent commission to women officers is yet to be finalized.