Now Pune Has Highest Recovery Rate Of COVID19 Patients  

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Mrunal Jadhav

Pune, October 27, 2020: As the number of Coronavirus (Covid-19) patients increased rapidly in the last six months, Pune city was identified as the main hotspot of corona infection in the country. Now it has been observed that the recovery rate of coronavirus patients in the city is highest in the country. Till Sunday, 1,48,870 patients in Pune had recovered from COVID19.

The first patient of Coronavirus in Maharashtra was found on 9th March in Pune. The Covid-19 patients were continuously increasing in the city until the end of September. Therefore, Pune was the main hotspot of corona in the country. 

However, it is a big relief for the health system of Pune as the number of new COVID patients and the death rate have decreased.

On Sunday, the recovery rate of coronavirus patients in Pune city was recorded at 93.21 percent. In other major cities of the country, the rate is around 90 percent. The recovery rate in Mumbai is 90.76 percent, 81.17 percent in Bangalore, 87.22 percent in Kolkata, while in Ahmedabad it is 86.99 per cent.

The recovery rate of patients in Pune

Date                  Recovery rate of Patient

23 June               60.39 %

23 July                  58.79 %

9 August                73.70 %

26 August             80.48 %

21 September      84.55 % 

25 October          93.21 %

According to Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), the total number of Coronavirus positive patients till yesterday has reached 159,845 out of which 149,280 have been cured while 4141 have died. There are still 6424 active patients undergoing treatment in various hospitals. They include 639 critical patients out of which 356 are on ventilator support.

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