Now Pune hotels will serve half-filled water glass to customers

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10 Dec 2018 Pune – The Pune Restaurant and Hoteliers Association (PRAHA) has initiated a move for eateries in Pune where they have been asked to adopt the ‘half-filled water glass’ initiative aimed at saving water in the state. There has been severe water shortage in Marathwada and Vidarbha and even in Pune there is water cuts.

PRAHA members said that the new move has reduced water consumption by 50% of the eateries in the city.

The PRAHA will also be distributing “theme cards” to the hotels and restaurants in the city to fulfill the same objective of saving water.

PRAHA president Ganesh Shetty said earlier they required about 1,600 litres of water per day in their hotel, but this initiative helped them to save 50% of water earlier this month when the measure was adopted. He also added that about 100 milli litres of water is wasted per customer per visit on an average in Pune.

The theme cards will help the consumers understand the idea behind the initiative. And the water left behind by the customers will be used for purposes such as watering plants.