Now teachers will be free from all non-academic tasks including mid-day meal

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New Delhi, November 5, 2019: There is a big relief for school teachers. In the coming days, they can be completely exempted from all non-academic work. In such a situation, they will now have the responsibility to teach only. Right now the focus of these teachers, who teach in schools, is to prepare the midday meal for the children and feed them. Apart from this, they are also responsible for preparing voter lists, conducting census etc.

Teachers should stay away from non-academic activities

The Ministry of Human Resource Development, in its final draft of the proposed new education policy, suggested to completely separate school teachers from non-academic activities. It is also hoped that this will also improve the quality of school education.

Teachers will be relieved of mid-day meal

The committee, which formulated the proposed new education policy, in its initial draft also suggested to keep teachers out of the responsibility of mid-day meal. However, stating this as strict now, the Ministry has suggested to keep them free from all non-academic tasks along with mid-day meal. This step is also important because there is already a huge shortage of teachers in schools.

10 lakh posts are vacant in schools across the country

According to a report, about one million posts are vacant in schools across the country against the total sanctioned posts. That is why the Ministry’s proposed policy has given it prominence. The proposed policy is set to be presented before the cabinet soon.

Suggestion to free teachers from BLO like responsibility

The NITI Aayog had earlier suggested to free school teachers from non-academic work including electoral work. However, some states like Delhi have shown seriousness on this and have separated the teachers from the responsibility like BLO (Block Level Officer). Despite this, in most of the states, teachers are still kept attached to the long running election work. Recently, the NITI Aayog had sought the details of such teachers from the states. At the same time, each district was asked whether it could give the responsibility of electoral work to anyone other than teachers.