Now there will be no fear of privacy, a hack that lets you use WhatsApp without your number

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New Delhi, February 3, 2021: After the introduction of the new privacy policy, a lot of users are leaving WhatsApp. People are afraid of the sharing of their private data with WhatsApp. One can avoid this by using a special trick through which they will be able to use WhatsApp without sharing their personal number. One will need a virtual number. The TextNow application is a good option for virtual phone numbers. To get the number from here, the application must be downloaded.

One must create a free account on TextNow. After logging in, a list of 5 free phone numbers based in the US and Canada will appear. Any number as per one’s preference can be selected. This virtual number will equip its user with the ability to share messages and make calls over the internet.

How will WhatsApp work without a personal number?

Now, the user can install WhatsApp on their mobile phone. If the app already exists on the phone, it needs to be reinstalled. Depending on the virtual number, a country code, either of the US or Canada, has to be entered, and then, the virtual number must be entered as well. Keep the TextNow app open in the background.

When asked for the OTP, the user must say that they did not get OTP on this virtual phone number. Wait for OTP to expire and then select the ‘Call me’ option for the OTP. a missed call will be received on the TextNow app and a new message will appear on the voicemail inside the TextNow app. This will be an audio message, where the OTP code will be mentioned. After entering the OTP code, further, process and use WhatsApp.