Onion Brings Tear To Puneites

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Pune, October 22, 2020: The soaring price of onion, a kitchen’s staple is making a dent in the pocket of the consumers. The retail price of this bulb has spiked up to Rs 100 Kg in cities like Mumbai and Pune. This surge in price is due to the shortage of supply.


Onion prices in various parts of Maharashtra, including Pune, have increased due to increased demand from outside the state. However, in comparison to the demand, the supply from local areas has been declining. In the wholesale market, onion has reached Rs 700 per 10 kg while in retail it is Rs 90 to Rs 100 per kg. This increase in the retail price of onion during the festive season will bring tears to the eyes of consumers.


The recent heavy rains across the state have hit the onion crop hard and the season has been extended. As a result, the wholesale market has seen a surge in the price of old onions. Lasalgaon in Nashik produces 60% of onions. Lasalgaon is a big market for onions. However, there is a shortage of onions as there is not enough supply in the market at present. That is why onion prices have gone up.


40 to 50 trucks of onions have arrived at Pune Market Yard on October 21. Although the inflow is low at present, the demand for onion is high. As a result, onion prices rose in the wholesale market at Market Yard on Tuesday. The heavy rains have caused huge damage to onion crops delaying the season of new onions. The central government has already banned onion exports.

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