Open Spaces: Today’s Ultimate Luxury

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By Arvind Jain, Managing Director – Pride Group

Punekar News's photo.The place of residence is a measure of one’s quality of living, and the availability of open recreational spaces near one’s place of residence is a direct measure of social and physical satisfaction. The main purpose of open spaces is providing the means for the recreation that is necessary for overall health and welfare. As a result, the availability of ample open spaces near a housing project also enhances property values, the appearance of the community, quality of life and preservation of natural surroundings.

No wonder, then, that integrated townships are in such a high demand these days. They provide a generous measure of all kinds of open spaces – spaces which are at no time in danger of being taken over by additional developments, as is so often seen in less regulated environments.

Open spaces in integrated townships can be broadly divided into:

  • Parks
  • Linear open spaces
  • Natural/informal open spaces
  • Amenity spaces within the housing area
  • Grassed sitting out areas
  • Ornamental gardens

The various benefits of open spaces and recreational parks

  • Both active and passive forms of recreation
  • Direct benefits to health (clean air, hazard safety, groundwater recharge, protection of environment)
  • Economic development facilitated by increased value of real estate
  • A distinctive community image
  • A balance between modernization and natural resource protection
  • Cultural and educational benefits
  • Healthy lifestyle and improved physical/mental fitness
  • A positive intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional experience

With our cities becoming more crowded with every passing day, only high-rise format buildings provide the option to save open spaces for the above benefits. When construction takes a vertical form, the open spaces around the buildings can be properly maintained and curated for the need of recreation. This caters to both the health and aesthetic benefits of the residents.

Given the arbitrary consumption of all available open spaces for development today, the search for a pollution free and green environment within which to bring up one’s family can be extremely challenging. Integrated townships are the only projects that offer these possibilities.

Apart from physical and environmental development, open spaces have a positive effect upon the psychological well-being of the community at large. Further, they enhance the investment value of homes within their precincts. Consequently, integrated townships with high rises and open spaces are sold out faster and are in higher constant demand than conventional residential premises.

(Arvind Jain is Managing Director of The Pride Group, a world-class property development conglomerate that is changing the cityscapes of Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. Established in 1996, Pride Group has built and delivered over 10 million sq.ft. of constructed area. Pride Group has recently launched Pride World City, the 400-acre luxury mega-township at Charoli, Pune.)

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