OPPO India introduces F19 Pro Series with 5G along with OPPO Band Style

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Pune, 9th March, 2021: OPPO, the leading global smart device brand, today announced the launch of the latest F 19 Pro Series smartphones – F19 Pro+ 5G and F19 Pro, in India. The launch was nothing less than a magical music night with some super energetic performances by Nucleya, that brought the night alive and inspired the viewers all the more to Flaunt Their Nights.

The trend-setting minimalist sleek devices embodies a unique amalgamation of flaunt-worthy technology that seamlessly complements your personal style and your need for speed. Along with the F19 Pro Series, OPPO also unveiled the chic OPPO Band Style that fits perfectly into your daily life as the ideal health and exercise companion.

If you are an aspiring videographer or just someone who loves capturing brilliant and beautiful portrait shots and videos, the OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G will let you do that with ease and confidence, thanks to its back-facing AI highlight Portrait Video.

The smartphone features a 48 MP Quad Camera, 8MP Wide Angle Camera, 2MP Portrait Mono Cameras and 2MP Macro Mono Camera. The quad cameras along with the devices’ Smart 5G technology guarantees to instantly turn you into an expert videographer, enabling you to express yourself in brand new ways.

The launch of each generation of the F series has raised the bar of what consumers expect from a mid-range smartphone. With AI Highlight Portrait Video, Smart 5G, 50W Flash Charge and our proprietary System Performance Optimizer make the OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G a delight to use.” said, Damyant Singh Khanoria, Chief Marketing Officer, OPPO Mobiles India Pvt. Ltd., “The seamless integration of the hardware with Color OS 11.1 enable an incredible user experience which we are confident will make the F19 Pro+ 5G a winner!

Flaunt Your Nights with superlative AI Highlight Portrait Video

The OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G boasts of a 48MP Quad Camera at the back which captures brilliant and beautiful AI enabled portrait shots that puts this smartphone truly “Ahead in Photography and videography.” The cameras include its main 48MP Camera, as well as an 8MP Wide-Angle Camera, 2MP Portrait Mono Cameras and 2MP Macro Mono Camera. In combination, these four cameras, along with the device’s Smart 5G technology allows you to be a video and photography expert in no time.

The AI Highlight Portrait Video optimises video portraits by automatically detecting and adjusting for light. Be it low light night or bright backgrounds, portrait videos on the OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G are vivid, with sharp details, balance and natural skin tones.  The AI enabled portrait shots truly puts this smartphone “Ahead in Photography and videography. Once the AI determines the type of video you’re filming, it will correspondingly apply either or both Ultra Night Video and HDR Video algorithms to brighten up the shot. The Ultra Night Video leverages proprietary algorithms to ensure more dynamic night-time videos and photos. The AI Highlight Portrait Video will be the ideal feature for capturing brilliant and exquisite portrait shots with ease.

With the Dual-View Video, you can keep both your rear and front cameras on at the same time, filming yourself reacting to the world around you. Perfect for vlogging or sharing your moments on social media platforms, this feature will raise your video content to newer heights as your reactions are captured in real-time.

The Focus Lock feature enables the video recording to automatically follow the subject of your video, even when the camera has significant movement, and the Ultra Night Video leverages proprietary algorithms to ensure more dynamic nighttime videos and photos.

Moreover, the premium features such as the AI Scene Enhancement 2.0, Dynamic Bokeh, and Night Plus work together enabling you to automatically capture clearer, beautiful photos and videos even in challenging light contrasts and low light situations. Just as useful are continued features that have proven indispensable like the AI Night Flare Portrait, AI Color Portrait, AI Beautification 2.0, Ultra Steady Video, and 4K Video.

‘Flaunt your speed’ with Smart 5G

Engineered with OPPO Smart 5G 3.0 compatibility, the new F Series smartphones promises ultra-fast download and upload speeds. This means you’ll be able to stream your favorite TV shows, videos and movies, and dominate your mobile games on-the-go more smoothly than ever before, thanks to the MediaTek 5G Dimensity 800U chip inside, which supports dual mode 5G SIM (NSA and SA). It leverages eight powerful cores of up to 2.4 GHz and fast memory to m ake sure that you Flaunt Fast by multitasking work and play without missing a beat.

At the core of our cutting-edge innovation is our steadfast focus on delightful consumer-centric technologies that resonates with their specific needs, demands, wants and aspirations – we build technology for the mankind. For instance, the 360° Antenna 3.0 is optimized to hold a signal no matter how you grip the F19 Pro+ 5G when gaming in the landscape mode, or when checking emails in the portrait mode.

Thus F19 Pro+ 5G also offers a Dual Network Channel feature that speeds up your connection by connecting to a Wi-Fi and a 4G/5G channel. This is especially useful when you’re in a crowded environment like a cafe or a conference hall, where the Wi-Fi signal is spread too thin.

The F19 Pro+ 5G also provides a 4G/5G Seamless Data Switch built in, so that your phone can automatically connect to a 4G or 5G signal without you having to manually switch. This minimizes lag times or delays from dropped signals when you’re out and about. The 4G/5G Seamless Data Switch supports apps including Chrome, WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Flaunt fast-charging: 5 minutes charge, 3.5 hours video playback

With OPPO 50W Flash Charge, you won’t ever need to worry about leaving your phone charging overnight or being out of battery during the day as even just a quick charge can get you back in the swing of life. Another safeguard against having to charge your phone overnight and damaging your battery is the Super Night Standby Mode that reduces your power consumption to 1.78% while you’re asleep, so that you don’t scramble to charge your phone right before you head out for your morning commute.

Flaunt Sleek with a Minimalist Design

It’s an Ultra-Thin phone that sports dimensions of 7.8mm x 73.4mm x 160.1mm, and is also Ultra-Lightweight at about 173g. Flaunt Sleek with a phone that not only looks streamlined but also trendy as it matches you and your lifestyle.

Adding to this aesthetic is the One-Piece Quad Camera that is built into the rear of the phone. In line with the minimalist design concept of the F Series, all four cameras are covered by a single piece of Gorilla Glass 5 which keeps it elegant and smooth to touch.

The brilliant 6.43” (16.3cm) Punch-Hole Display has a screen-to-body ratio of 90.8% thanks to the 3.7mm Mini Punch-Hole design. Streaming videos, playing games in FHD can’t get clearer than on the 2400 x 1080 FHD+ Super AMOLED Display that the F19 Pro+ encapsulates. Equipped with In-Display Fingerprint 3.0 sensor for fast and accurate biometric unlock, we pulled no punches with this display.

To support this incredible display, there are two truly Minimalist 5G Color settings for the F19 Pro+ 5G.  Space Silver offers a matte look but with a distinctively metallic and premium in-hand feel that is fingerprint resistant. Fluid Black is a black color that is classic and always in style, but also introduces a new way to see black using a gradient that appears to change from light to dark

Flaunt a Faster and Immersive Gaming Experience

As with every generation of the F Series, there is a clear focus on balancing work and play, it’s no different with the F19 Pro+ 5G. Baked into the Smooth ColorOS 11 Experience is Efficiency 3.0 which empowers you to “Work Fast, Win Smart”.

The F19 Series phones’ Immersive Gaming Mode includes the Game Focus Mode which blocks out all interruptions including notifications so you can be fully immersed in gameplay; you also have the option of enabling Bullet Notifications from WhatsApp and Facebook so you can still keep a tab with minimal distraction. Next, Quick Startup allows you to return to a game quickly with one tap within 24 hours after exiting the game. Finally, Game Floating Window lets you keep a game running in a floating window.

ColorOS Efficiency 3.0 makes it even easier to get work done easily and multitask with sheer swiftness and on-the-go. Even on your way to a meeting, you can easily check emails and chats with your teammates, while making last minute edits to your presentation. Efficiency 3.0 really turns F19 Pro+ into a pocket rocket of productivity so that you can flaunt a faster and more efficient work flow.

It houses features such as Flex Drop, 3-Finger Translate with Google Lens, Google Cast, among others, making life all the more easier.

In 2021, Privacy is an absolutely indispensable aspect, therefore, the device has vital features which ensures that your phone and your data are secure at all times. For instance, Privacy Protection Certification makes sure that your phone has industry-leading encryption technologies that enables user data storage encryption, transmission encryption, de-identification of sensitive data, and much more.

And, to safeguard for every situation, One-Tap App Lock secures your apps quickly in case you lend your mobile phone to others while Private Safe: Multi-Device Sync & Cloud Sync stores and syncs your data in your own Private Safe and it also retrieves your data though HeyTap Cloud in case you ever lose your mobile phone.

Introducing the OPPO F19 Pro

Flaunt your Photography

These include video features such as the Dual View Video and photography features like AI Scene Enhancement 2.0, Dynamic Bokeh, Night Flare Portrait, AI Color Portrait, and AI Beautification 2.0.

Flaunt Sleek

Weighing just 173g with a 7.8mm ultra slim body, the OPPO F19 Pro offers such a bouquet of innovations in a sleek package. The single punched OLED display has a 90.8% screen-to-body ratio, and is able to fit a 48 MP AI Quad Camera into its slim form factor.

F19 Pro comes in two color options (Fluid Black, and Crystal Silver) based on OPPO’s Flowing Light Design, which includes a 3D curved back-cover that feels and looks thin.

Flaunt Fast

Equipped with a 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 and a large 4310mAh battery, you’ll never be held back by power issues. With just a 5 min charge, you can enjoy 2 hours of video playback and 2.9 hours of talk time. The System Performance Optimizer will keep your phone’s performance optimal, reducing lag by 18%, compared to the erstwhile generations.

OPPO F19 Pro ships with ColorOS 11.1 just as the F19 Pro+ 5G does, so you’ll enjoy all the same benefits of Game Focus Mode, Gaming Shortcut Mode, and Bullet Screen Message for more immersive gaming, and the data security of features like APP Lock, Private Safe, and more.

Introducing OPPO Band Style

Ensuring good health and wellbeing has attained prime importance in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic. Aligned with this objective, OPPO, also launched the OPPO Band Style, a premium wearable backed by groundbreaking technology innovation. The OPPO Band Style offers Continuous SpO2 Monitoring, breathing quality assessment during sleep and run tracking. It comes with 12 workout modes and other convenient functions, perfect for active, quick-paced lifestyles. As for design, the OPPO Band Style continues the OPPO aesthetic with a 2.794cm (1.1-inch) full-color AMOLED screen. It’s made available with two unique strap designs—a basic sport version and a style version, allowing users to switch out the band as desired.

Continuous SpO2 Monitoring: Your Sleep Guardian, Never Off-Duty

Nowadays, sleep problems are no longer unique to the middle-aged or elderly; more and more young people are also experiencing sleep disorders due to external influences such as stress and hectic schedules. The OPPO Band Style health monitoring function is specialized to detect sleep problems. It supports accurate sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, and continuous SpO2 monitoring—providing all-around records and analysis of its user’s sleep health.

The continuous SpO2 monitoring is made possible thanks to the built-in optical blood oxygen sensor. This component enables the OPPO Band Style to continuously monitor blood oxygen saturation per second when the user is asleep. During an eight-hour sleep cycle, it conducts non-stop SpO2 monitoring 28,800 times—fully measuring the user’s body oxygen saturation. With its continuous SpO2 monitoring and professional sleep monitor, the OPPO Band Style can help users develop healthier sleep habits.

The OPPO Band Style also comes with a heart rate monitor. The built-in optical heart rate sensor can monitor the user’s heart rate around the clock. If the heart rate becomes too high, the smart band will vibrate to warn the user of irregular heartbeat. With the OPPO Band Style measuring heart rate during exercise, users can avoid over-training and learn what pace they need to keep to ensure that they are progressing towards their goals.

An Active Life with 12 Workout Modes

Besides sleep-related problems, another health issue that young adults are most concerned about is exercising, and the OPPO Band Style is here to make the workout easier. It has 12 built-in workout modes, including running, walking, cycling, swimming, badminton, cricket, Yoga, etc., covering most of the sports that are popular among young people. With the OPPO Band Style recording the exercising data, users can check their progress in the HeyTap Health app, which is key to boosting motivation for an active life.

Versatile Design, Perfect for Every Outfit

As a wearable device, a smart band needs to be good-looking as well as practical. Responding to the younger generation’s needs to show off their personal, distinctive style, the OPPO Band Style provides a wide range of choices when it comes to the watch face and the strap.

The straps of the OPPO Band Style comes in black and vanilla and incorporates a creative metal buckle design. With this design, users can make 360-degree adjustments to their wristbands and maximize wear comfort.

As for the watch face, the OPPO Band Style offers over 40 different designs for users to switch between. You can always find a design fit for your occasion and mood.

Long-Lasting Convenience

The OPPO Band Style can also work as an extension of the user’s smartphone. Users can receive messaging and call notifications, control music playback, and even find their mobile phones through the band. Modern convenience for modern lives.

The OPPO Band Style uses a high-performance, low-power processor and is made with a large 100mAh battery, it can be fully charged in just 1.5 hours.

The OPPO Band Style is priced at 2,999 and will be available as an Amazon Special starting 8th March 2021 8 PM onwards. With its appealing design and well-built fitness capabilities, the OPPO Band Style is here to activate your health, right from your wrist.

OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G priced at INR 25,990 and OPPO F19 Pro at INR 21,490 ( 8+128 GB), F19 pro 23490 (8+ 256 GB) will be available to prebook starting 8th Mar 8pm onward and Sale starting on March 17th. OPPO F19 Pro Plus 5G will come in two minimalistic colors – Space Silver and Fluid Black with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. These will be available across mainline retailers and for ecommerce while OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G is available on Amazon, OPPO F19 Pro can be purchased on all leading ecommerce channels.




To make it a more compelling deal, OPPO is offering a bundled discount under which the Enco W11 earbuds will be available at a price tag of just INR 999, while the OPPO Band Style will be available for INR 2,499 with the OPPO F19Pro+ 5G or the OPPO F19 Pro

Furthermore, smartphone enthusiasts can enjoy a range of attractive discounts and offline cashback for OPPO F19 Pro+5G with the following banks and digital wallets

  • Flat 7.5% cashback on HDFC, ICICI, Kotak, Bank of Baroda, and Federal Bank credit cards
  • 11 %instant cashback via Paytm and one EMI cashback with IDFC First Bank
  • Zero down payment option via HomeCredit and HDB Financial Services
  • Triple Zero Scheme with Bajaj Finserv, ICICI Bank, and IDFC First Bank
  • OPPO ’s existing users can also avail an additional one-time screen replacement offer (valid for 365 days), extended warranty for 180 days along with INR 1500 upgrade bonus. One can avail these through OPPO AI WhatsApp chatbot, Amazon and Flipkart as well.


Dates 8th March – 19th March Platform
Bank Offer (HDFC+Kotak) 2000 Instant Discount CC/DC & CC EMI – F19 Pro+ Amazon/Flipkart (only HDFC)
5G    1500 Instant Discount CC/DC & CC EMI – F19 Pro
No Cost EMI Up to 9 Months Amazon/Flipkart
Service Offer One Time Screen Replacement (180 Days) Amazon/Flipkart
Assured Buy Back Up to 70% assured buy Back Amazon/Flipkart
Bundle Discount Get ₹999 discount on OPPO Enco W11 Amazon/Flipkart
Get ₹300 discount on OPPO Band Style Amazon
OPPO Upgrade ₹1500 additional exchange on OPPO to OPPO upgrade Amazon/Flipkart