OTT Platforms Experiment with ‘Appointment Viewing’ to Revitalize Subscriptions

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Pune, 28th May 2024: OTT platforms are testing a new strategy called “appointment viewing” in response to slowing subscriber growth. This approach involves releasing episodes weekly instead of dropping entire seasons at once, akin to traditional TV scheduling. Shows like “The Great Indian Kapil Show” are leading this change. Viewers are divided, with some embracing the return of communal discussions while others miss the freedom to binge. Will this strategy re-engage audiences, or is it a regression for OTT platforms?

As OTT enthusiasts anticipate a captivating lineup of web series premiering in June, excitement builds despite the conclusion of IPL 2024. Leading the charge is “Star Wars: The Acolyte,” promising action-packed entertainment with stars like Mandalore Stenberg and Lee Jang-Je. Following closely, the fourth season of “The Legend of Hanuman” and “Hitler and The Nazis – Evil on Trial” offer diverse content for viewers. Additionally, “Sweet Tooth” Season 2, “Gullak” Season 4, “The Boys” Season 4, and “House Of The Dragon” Season 2 add to the anticipation.

While some viewers welcome the return of communal discussions facilitated by weekly releases, others criticize the shift away from binge-watching. The “watercooler moment” fosters a sense of community often absent in solitary binge-watching sessions. However, critics argue that this new approach disrupts viewing habits and limits flexibility, undermining the appeal of OTT platforms. The success of this strategy remains uncertain, with its potential effectiveness likely varying across genres and viewer preferences.