Over 25,000 citizens participate in theawareness camps during the National Fire Service Week in Pune

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PUNE April 22, 2019: At the launch of National Fire Service Week, Safe Kids Foundation India and Honeywell India in collaboration with Pune Fire Department kicked off a week long awareness drive. Like previous years, the fire service week saw over 8,500 kids and 90,700 parents and around 11,62,250 general public that participated in the initiatives and learnt about different fire safety procedures and fire prevention measures.

Funded by a Honeywell India grant, Safe Kids at Home – a Home Safety programof Safe Kids Foundation, uses cutting-edge, experiential, and fun educational tools targeted at different age groups, to spread fire safety awareness. It is committed to drive fire safety programs to help prevent and reduce fire incidences in Pune and save the lives of children.

The week-long campaign kicked off with a tribute to fire fighters by Fire officers, inauguration and exhibition of firefighting equipment and Safe Kids Foundation booth, roadshows,kids’ carnival, school rally, rangoli competitions, demonstration of fire-drills in Hospitals, schools and housing societies, citywide awareness campaign through SKF vehicle, etc.

The key highlights of the campaign this year wasthe roadshow with 19 fire brigades andinduction of 200 fire safety volunteers who have been formally officiated as Agni Suraksha Mitras with a ID card from Pune Fire Department at the concluding finale of the week which was held on April 20, 2018 at central fire brigade.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Prashant Ranpise, Chief Fire officer, Pune Fire Department, said, “Fire is a giver of life and a taker of life. It is the life-preserver and the life-destroyer, our firefighters risk their lives to battle fires. Due to the awareness created on fire prevention, the number of calls to the fire department have gone down by 50% and it is encouraging to note that more youth are coming forward to pledge their support for fire safety. For the first time ever in India, 200 volunteers have been formally officiated as Agni Suraksha Mitras in Pune. It is important that the citizens be equally aware of the importance of fire prevention to make Pune a safe city. Ignorance and carelessness should not be the cause of life and property loss.”

Dr. Cinthia Pinto, Program Director, Safe Kids Foundation India, said, “In the last four years, we have been relentless in our pursuit to spread fire safety awareness in Pune and have reached out to over 500,000 students from 1,150 schools and 425,000 parents from 250 communities. During the weeklong campaign our activities were based on this year theme ‘’Fire prevention is better than Firefighting’’and urged all Punekars to follow fire safety measures. It is encouraging to note that most parents, residents and children are now familiar with fire prevention measures and emergency contact numbersWe will continue to take this program to more schools and communities, across the city. We urge all Punekars to follow fire safety precautions and to prevent electrical fires this summer:”

Fire Safety Precautions:

1. Unplug Electrical Appliances when not in use.

2. Faulty wires can lead to electrical fires; replace them immediately.

3. Do not use electrical appliances with wet hands.

4. Do not leave water heating rod unattended.

5. Don’t overload your electrical sockets.

6. Keep electrical wires tidy and secure when not in use.

7. Use of mobile phone while it is charging could be dangerous.

National Fire Service Week is observed every year in remembrance of fire service personnel who lost their lives in the line of duty and serves to raise public awareness on fire safety.