Over Half of Indian Population Deprived of Restful Sleep

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Pune, 4th April 2022: Half of Indians are suffering from insomnia due to increasing competition, stressful life and stress. Sleeping late at night, waking up late in the morning or working all night and sleeping during the day are becoming part of the new routine of Indians, which has resulted in the development of sleep apnea and diabetes.



The survey, conducted by ResMed, a private organization that conducts research on medicine and medical technology, studied the changed and disturbed sleep schedules of thousands of citizens across the country. 81% per cent of Indians say that sleep quality affects their quality of life, but they also say that sleep is affected by increasing stress in daily life, competition in the workplace, use of mobiles and other devices. Most citizens say it takes an average of 90 minutes to fall asleep.



As many as 59% of the citizens are suffering from dizziness. 72% of citizens are sleep deprived.



According to the survey participants, they also face various mental disorders. The body stays active for a long time due to not getting enough sleep, alternatively rest.



It affects blood sugar levels, so people with sleep disorders are more likely to develop diabetes, according to Racemed. The survey found that sleep apnea and its consequent diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, are more prevalent in urban areas than in rural areas. Job-business uncertainty was also a major cause of insomnia during the Corona epidemic.



Causes and symptoms of sleep disorders


Smoking, drinkingChanges in hormones in womenMental health complaintsStress, competition, behavioral problemsExtreme use of mobiles, gadgets for better sleepDo regular walking, yoga or any exerciseReduce the use of mobiles and gadgets for at least an hour before going to bedInclude a square diet in your daily life