Oxfordcaps expands to Pune with 1000 beds

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Pune, July 12th, 2019: Oxfordcaps, Asia’s first branded and tech-enabled student housing company announced today that it is expanding its operations in Pune by acquiring 1000 beds in the city. This marks the company’s foray into the Western market.  Oxfordcaps has partnered with AISSMS College of Engineering in Pune and is in talks with key universities to provide on and off campus student accommodation.


Co-founded by two women founders, INSEAD graduate Annu Talreja, CEO and IIM-Calcutta alumni Priyanka Gera, COO – the Company has clocked a 75X growth in <11 months since its launch in India and has expanded from 200 beds to over 15,000 beds across 12 cities. Oxfordcaps aims to grow its operations across education hubs in India including Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Greater Noida, Dehradun, Indore, Jaipur and Ahmedabad.


Oxfordcaps provides a custom designed and standardized Student Housing product with a full-stack model of services and amenities. The projects and services are standardized within the Oxfordcaps brand services guidelines, providing a transparent, hassle-free and safe alternative to a market dominated largely by the unorganized PG (Paying Guest) segment till date.


Annu Talreja, CEO of Oxfordcaps, said “Our living spaces aren’t just about providing students with a place to crash post study, but they are also about making student communities that come in different sizes and shapes, and provide you with a space to just be yourself. We are fairly certain that the student community will appreciate the sophisticated amenities and high-quality accommodations with a career focused lifestyle that the Oxfordcaps residences provide. Our focus on new-age career providers is just the beginning, with a lot more on the horizon.”


Priyanka Gera, COO of Oxfordcaps, said, “Our effervescent, unparalleled, contemporary and international standard accommodations suit the mindset of the Gen Zs. Our residences are at close proximity to key colleges and universities in the city. We are confident that the students will have an exhilarated and spectacular stay at Oxfordcaps residences. We believe every student should love where they live. That’s why our number one priority is delivering the best possible experience for students — at every price point. It’s the goal we continually strive for, and the mantra that shapes our values as an organization.”


The Company operates via three sub-brands and caters to students across price segments including Oxfordcaps Premium Residences, Oxfordcaps Student Residences and Oxfordcaps Dorms for the budget segment. It offers fully-fitted out and custom designed residences with full-stack service model including Wi-Fi, laundry, nutritious meals, professional housekeeping and an array of events and activities focused on career development and lifestyle for its students. Oxfordcaps works directly with universities and colleges as well to build a tailored experience for the student community, both via on-campus and off-campus housing. You can also visit to the website for more information on oxfordcap inquiry.