Passengers Stranded as Kanpur-Pune Special Train Rescheduled Just an Hour Before Departure

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 23rd November 2023: Kanpur Pune Special Train, numbered 01038, caused widespread dismay among passengers when its departure time of 8:50 AM was abruptly rescheduled to 1:50 PM. This unexpected change, relayed by the official railway handle, left travelers in disarray, stranded at Kanpur station.


Initial indications via the official website and station display boards affirmed the train’s punctuality until 8 AM, showcasing it as on schedule for departure from platform no. 6. Deepti Sharma, a passenger heading from Lucknow to Pune, expressed frustration, stating that she could have utilized her time to visit relatives in Kanpur instead of rushing to the railway station.


While the Indian Railways introduced numerous festival trains for passenger convenience, discontent among travelers surfaced on Twitter due to the consistent delays. Anis, voicing disappointment, highlighted a delay of a staggering 1 day and 6 hours, urging the Indian Railways to prioritize punctuality and enhance the overall travel experience.




Adding to the dissatisfaction, Tarun pointed out the elevated ticket costs for this special train, expressing concern over the significant penalties associated with ticket cancellations. This sentiment was exacerbated by the irony of the railway’s own delayed operations causing inconvenience to passengers.




The outcry on social media underscores the growing discontentment among passengers regarding the handling and punctuality of special train services, calling for more efficient management to alleviate these recurrent issues.