Passengers Stranded: Eight-Hour Delay Plagues SpiceJet’s Goa to Pune Flight

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Pune, 24th May 2024: Over 150 passengers on SpiceJet’s SG-184 flight from Goa to Pune faced a harrowing experience on Wednesday, enduring an eight-hour delay due to multiple reschedulings.


The airline attributed the delay to scheduled aircraft maintenance, stating that passengers were informed in advance. However, many flyers reported that they had no choice but to check out of their hotels as planned to avoid additional costs.


“Staying back at the hotel would have been expensive, as we would have had to pay for an additional day,” said one passenger.


Initially, the flight was set to depart from Manohar International Airport in Goa at 2 PM. “I received a message on Wednesday morning that the flight was rescheduled to 7:30 PM. I reached the airport by 6 PM, but the boarding was further delayed, and the aircraft finally took off at 11 PM,” recounted Himtaram Sirvi, another passenger.


Another flyer, who requested anonymity, shared his predicament: “My check-out time at the hotel was noon, and I had chosen the flight accordingly. After receiving the rescheduling message, I contacted the hotel staff, who informed me that staying beyond the check-out time would incur charges for an additional day. The amount was substantial, and we had no choice but to leave the hotel. Even if it is a scheduled delay, it inconveniences the flyers.”


While an official response from SpiceJet was pending, a source within the airline mentioned that a second message was sent to inform passengers that the aircraft would take off at 8 PM.