Pavana Dam Levels Drop in Pimpri Chinchwad: Water Shortage Worries Surface

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Reported By Varad Bhatkhande

Pimpri Chinchwad, 16th May 2024: The Pavana Dam in Maval, crucial for quenching the thirst of Pimpri Chinchwad city residents, currently holds 28.93 % of its stock, sufficient to last until the end of June. However, this marks a decrease compared to last year, raising concerns about potential water shortages if rainfall remains scarce. As a result, reliance on private tankers by housing societies in the Pimpri Chinchwad has increased noticeably.

Pimpri-Chinchwad receives water from both Pavana and Andra dams, with alternate-day water supply in effect for the past four and a half years. To address future water needs, the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) plans to source 267 million litres per day (MLD) from Andra and Bhama Askhed Dams, alongside setting up sewage treatment plants for water recycling. While water from Andra Dam is being supplied to affected areas, complaints of inadequate water supply persist due to the growing population.

Despite recording 17 mm of unseasonal rainfall in the catchment area, inflow into the dam has not increased significantly. However, reduced evaporation due to climate change has helped mitigate water loss. April witnessed a surge in complaints regarding water supply issues, although the PCMC noted a reduction in complaints as many residents leave for summer vacations. Yet, numerous housing societies rely on tankers for water, with supply adhering to a standard of 135 litres per capita. The ongoing construction of water channels from the Bhama-Askhed Dam aims to address future water needs, with completion expected by 2025.

Currently, PCMC draws 615 MLD of water per day, primarily from Pavana Dam, alongside contributions from Andra Dam and the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC). Rajnish Baria, Branch Engineer of Pavana Dam, emphasizes the need for water conservation in urban areas, especially if rainfall delays occur.

Shrikant Sawane, Chief Engineer of PCMC Water Supply Department, reassures that while complaints regarding water supply disruptions are currently minimal, they may increase in June. Tanker supplies are deployed only during such disruptions, with private housing societies opting for tanker water as needed.