Pediatric Therapists Embrace Transformative Approach in Recent Workshop

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Pune, 23rd January 2023: In a groundbreaking Pediatric Handling workshop held on January 20th and 21st at the Central Park Hotel, therapists underwent a transformative experience that reshaped their approach to pediatric care.

Initially grappling with fears, uncertainty, and confusion, participants embarked on a journey led by Dr. Jasneet Kaur, resulting in a profound shift in their understanding of this critical aspect of their practice.


The workshop’s success stemmed from Dr. Kaur’s simple yet impactful approach to pediatric handling. Therapists discovered a step-by-step method that clarified the ‘why’ before addressing the ‘how.’


A significant highlight was the workshop’s emphasis on practical application. Through immersive hands-on sessions, participants gained insights surpassing theoretical knowledge, bridging the gap between theory and real-world practice.


The crowning achievement was the personalized one-on-one supervised sessions, where therapists received tailored guidance, refining their techniques under experienced mentors’ watchful eyes. This individualized attention not only bolstered confidence but also deepened their understanding of pediatric handling basics.


The workshop concluded with an engaging session featuring fun and interactive games, including a time-based buzzer round. This lively game mirrored everyday clinic experiences, offering a quick and enjoyable method to evaluate impairments, akin to their regular practice.