People join hands to uplift Talavli, Sapoli villages in Raigad district

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By Dharti Shikhare and Pari Hamdule

This message is to highlight the situation of villages like Talavli and Sapoli which are in and around Pen, enroute Alibaug.  We had done a survey of this village on 20th March 2016. Following are the observations from the survey done by us.

The residents from these villages live in under poverty line. They do not have any continuous source of employment which hits their daily living lifestyle. They do not get enough to eat, hygiene left far behind. They have schools but students drop out due to the distance they have to travel daily by walk. Due to the direct water intake from the nearby flowing canal water coming from the dam, they fall prey to water borne diseases very often. Some lives have been damaged irreparably. There are transportation problems due to bad roads. There are just two toilets for around 60 houses.

We, iCare Benefits in association with Tuba Foundation and a group of individuals have come forward to make an effort to uplift and create a social impact with every ones effort as a team to make a difference in the lives of these villagers.

After the entire R&D, we have decided to support them in all the possible way so that they do not suffer more. To show that we care, we have planned a basic medical camp on the 1st of May 2016. For this, we have got a group of qualified doctors Dr Yogita Jamdade and Dr Abhijit Jamdade along with a team of strong will power. This medical camp will have free consultation and distribution of basic required medicines to all the villagers.

Serious patients will be referred to various hospitals as per the need.

Apart from this we would be distributing home-made protein food packets made from wheat and different lentils. Also Patanjali biscuits would be distributed to the kids.

Adding to the above list, we will be distributing old used clothes in good condition, used toys, etc which we have collected through donation campaign from our friends and interested individuals.

Considering the requirement, we have also organized an eye check-up camp on the 15th of May 2016. Renowned ophthalmologist, Dr Falguni Jape would be treating the villagers.

Looking at the initiative taken by us, we look forward for any kind of help form the corporates and interested individuals.

We look for donations of old used clothes in good condition, old used toys and books of our kids, old bicycles in good condition, etc which will be helpful to the villagers in making their life worth living.

Also looking for corporate tie ups in the field of sanitation like building of toilets, construction of road, setting up of some continuous source of employment, building water purification centre, education of the kids, etc.

As this initiative is for the upliftment of the villagers, look forward to work as a team and bring smiles of satisfaction on our faces.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to connect the following people:
Ms Pari Hamdule +91 98231-70200

Ms Dharti Shikhare +91 91300-64101