Pimpri: Abusing Infront Of Girlfriend Led To Ruckus By Over 100 Youths In Nehrunagar, Ajmera Colony, Kharalwadi

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Pimpri-Chinchwad, November 2, 2020: More than 100 youths went on a rampage vandalising and creating a ruckus at multiple places over an ‘insult in front of girlfriend’ starting from Nehrunagar to Ajmera Colony and Kharalwadi on Friday night.

Pimpri-Chinchwad’s police investigation revealed that one of the youths involved in the case was abused by a youngster in front of his girlfriend over an argument that led to the commotion.

The incident started from the Chowpatty at Maheshnagar Chowk in Sant Tukaramnagar, Pimpri. A young man and his girlfriend were at a food cart when another person came and allegedly insulted him. When another youth asked him why he was abusing in front of the girl, no sooner than thought– this molehill became a mountain and a scuffle broke out between them.

The news of the fight spread among their friends living in Ajmera, Nehrunagar and Kharalwadi who immediately gathered and the fight inflated. In retaliation, a mob of 100 people vandalised vehicles in Nehrunagar.

The youths from Nehrunagar vandalised two buses near the house in Ajmera Colony of the people who had vandalised the vehicles in Nehrunagar area. Also, a gold chain was snatched from the neck of an old man in a house. After this incident, the mob shifted their front to Kharalwadi area. The mob dispersed after breaking into a house.

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