Pimpri Chinchwad Residents Persist in Traffic Rule Violations: Despite Hefty Fines, ‘Old Habits Die Hard’

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Reported By Varad Bhatkhande

Pimpri Chinchwad, 11th June 2024: Despite the imposition of hefty fines, residents of Pimpri Chinchwad continue to flout traffic rules. In the first half of 2024 alone, fines exceeding Rs. 25 crores have been collected for traffic violations, with over 2 lakh vehicle drivers caught breaking norms. In the past five months, 1,545 cases of drunk driving have been observed, all of which were directly taken to court. Despite the efforts of the Traffic Branch of the Pimpri Chinchwad Police Commissionerate (PCPC), there has been no improvement in citizens’ behavior, with a prevailing attitude of ‘we won’t change for good’.

The adage “old habits die hard” aptly describes the residents of Pimpri Chinchwad, who continue to disregard traffic regulations. Many consider breaking traffic rules as a symbol of being cool and stylish. Daily occurrences include driving on the wrong side, dangerous driving, improper number plate display, speeding, and using black film on windows, with violators often resuming their offenses the very next day.

From January 1, 2024, to May 31, 2024, 6,320 drivers were fined a total of Rs. 90,28,000 for using mobile phones while driving. Additionally, 13,266 individuals were fined Rs. 89,36,500 for jumping traffic signals, while 9,538 people were fined Rs. 68,93,500 for registration number plate violations. Moreover, 10,795 vehicles with black film were fined Rs. 1,23,91,500. Traffic congestion fines totaled Rs. 4,01,56,500, with 46,598 people penalized for disrupting traffic.

In addition, 50 drivers were charged with dangerous driving, 147 individuals for using loud horns, 3,038 for driving on the wrong side or in one-way lanes, and 2,295 vehicles for not complying with silencer regulations. The PCPC Traffic Branch also managed to collect outstanding fines from previous years, totaling Rs. 6,20,59,850. In just five months, the traffic branch has collected fines amounting to Rs. 25,11,50,950.

PCPC’s Action Plan to Prevent Accidents:

1. Fined 20,251 two-wheeler riders for not wearing helmets, collecting a total of Rs. 1,00,96,000 in fines.
2. Fined 21,136 car drivers for not wearing seat belts, collecting Rs. 42,00,600 in fines.
3. Fined 18,011 individuals for triple riding on two-wheelers, totaling Rs. 1,79,83,000 in fines.
4. Charged 7,035 individuals for overspeeding, resulting in fines totaling Rs. 1,40,36,500.
5. Fined 3,948 people for driving without a valid license, collecting Rs. 1,93,95,000 in fines.
6. Caught 1,545 drivers under the influence of alcohol, forwarding their cases directly to court for action.

Heavy Vehicles on the Traffic Branch’s Radar

In Pimpri Chinchwad, heavy vehicles have come under scrutiny. Action has been taken against 9,067 buses for violations such as parking in the middle of the road to pick up passengers, resulting in fines totaling Rs. 73,55,550. Additionally, 17,239 heavy vehicles were fined Rs. 2,00,04,250 for various violations, including timing infractions within the city limits. Furthermore, 7,781 rickshaw pullers have been fined a total of Rs. 72,36,400 for breaking traffic rules.

Utilization of CCTVs

The PCPC Traffic Branch extensively uses CCTVs installed at major intersections across Pimpri Chinchwad. Violations such as triple riding, jumping signals, crossing zebra lines, and improper number plate displays are identified through these cameras. The Pimpri Chinchwad traffic control room also monitors traffic congestion. A total of 10,644 cases were identified through CCTV surveillance, resulting in fines totaling Rs. 74,55,000. Zebra crossing violations were the most commonly captured offenses.

Residents Ignore Road Safety Measures

In Pimpri Chinchwad, many residents disregard traffic rules, exacerbating already congested conditions. This trend persists as individuals prioritize time-saving measures over adherence to traffic signals and signs. Contributing factors include a lack of awareness regarding road safety, a desire for convenience, and the perception that rule-breaking is acceptable due to its prevalence. Some individuals also underestimate the risks associated with noncompliance, driven by the urgency of modern society.

To address these issues, the PCPC Traffic Branch has implemented various initiatives aimed at educating citizens about traffic rules and safety. One such initiative is the ‘One Day For School’ program, which educates students weekly on road safety, cybercrime awareness, and social responsibility. Additionally, traffic branch officers are stationed at strategic locations across the city to monitor and control traffic violations. Alongside these measures, strict enforcement through hefty fines and frequent actions are enforced to deter rule-breaking behavior.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Vishal Gaikwad stated, “We take regular actions against traffic rule violators. Utilizing CCTVs and on-spot traffic personnel, we are identifying violations. I urge everyone to follow traffic rules.”