Planet Smart City Achieves Remarkable Water Management Milestone in Pune

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Pune, 07 July 2023: In a significant achievement, Planet Smart City, a prominent global player in affordable housing, has announced the successful management of a staggering 600 million (60 crore) liters of water through its innovative water management system, Planet SIM. Developed internally by its Digital Business Unit, the system has revolutionized water management in residential communities, with an impressive impact witnessed across various complexes comprising a total of 15,000 flats in Pune.

Planet Smart City’s commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria has been instrumental in optimizing water consumption and promoting sustainability in residential districts. Since the introduction of the Planet SIM platform, the company has reported water savings of up to 25% in multiple residential complexes. Currently active in monitoring and managing water systems for more than 50 societies in Pune, the platform’s success is set to expand, with plans to be deployed in hundreds of societies by the end of 2023.

Mr. Marco Pilia, Managing Director India at Planet Smart City, expressed pride in achieving this milestone within just 7 months of commercializing Planet SIM. He emphasized the platform’s effectiveness in conserving water resources and contributing to a balanced future. With a vision to create sustainable, inclusive, and connected communities, Planet Smart City is dedicated to integrating PropTech and ESG-compliant solutions into residential developments.

The positive impact of Planet Smart City’s Water Management System has been hailed by residents as well. Mr. Raosaheb, Chairman of Sparkles Avenues CHS, praised the technology for significantly reducing water consumption, optimizing operations, and creating a more sustainable living environment. The company’s dedication to smarter, efficient communities has garnered appreciation.

Planet SIM’s installation has yielded substantial water savings, with up to 25% reduction in monthly consumption in some societies. Beyond economic benefits, the system’s efficiency allows for more streamlined operations. Moreover, the data collected through the platform has the potential to identify consumption patterns and anomalies, aiding in timely corrective measures and continuous monitoring.

Looking ahead, Planet Smart City aims to expand its Digital platform, including Planet SIM, to reach more societies beyond Pune by the end of 2023. This expansion will not only lead to cost reductions but also enable data-driven opportunities such as refining household water consumption forecasting models. The company is also poised to collaborate with Local Authorities and Municipalities to address the pressing issue of water scarcity.