Planet Smart City manages 1 billion Litres of Water in Pune

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Pune, 12th October 2023: Planet Smart City, a leading global player in the affordable and aspirational housing market integrating Proptech and ESG-compliant solutions in real estate developments, has added another feather to its cap. The Proptech solutions company has helped manage 1 billion litres of water across 15,000+ households in Pune.

As Punekars are grappling with the ongoing water crisis in Pune brought on by the dwindling water resources, and rapid urbanization, Planet Smart City’s Planet SIM emerges as the innovative solution of the hour. Developed by its Digital Business unit, Planet SIM collects data to understand consumption patterns and identify outliers to trigger corrective action. The deployment of the platform in over 60 societies has resulted in substantial water and energy savings.

Commenting on this achievement, Mr. Marco Pilia, Managing Director India at Planet Smart City, stated, “Planet Smart City is dedicated to establishing affordable housing communities that prioritize environmental consciousness. Since the initial deployment of Planet SIM in Pune’s residential societies a year ago, we have successfully managed over 1 billion liters of water, resulting in significant reductions in utility costs for societies. With our innovative solution, each society has achieved substantial annual savings in terms of water usage, manpower and electricity, leading to both significant financial benefits and a noteworthy reduction in our collective carbon footprint.”

“Upon close examination of water consumption trends in Pune’s residential societies, we’ve noted the water requirement ranges from 300 to 600 liters per household per day. Traditionally, these societies have been responsible for managing their water resources independently. However, following the implementation of Planet SIM, we have the potential to decrease society water usage by an impressive 20 to 25 percent This monumental achievement not only signifies our commitment to sustainable water management but also has a cascading effect on overall power consumption. Through this initiative, we’ve successfully achieved a notable reduction in overall power consumption, ranging from 8 to 10 percent.” Added Mr. Mukund Deogaonkar, Director India Business, Planet Smart City.

Planet Smart City’s Planet SIM aims to reach hundreds of societies before the end of 2023. Owing to the ongoing water crisis in Bengaluru, the digital unit is ready to expand its offerings to the Silicon Valley of India.