PM addresses Indian Community in Yangon

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The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today addressed the Indian community in Yangon, Myanmar.

“You represent thousands of years of the shared culture and civilisation, geography and history, aspiration and achievements of the great sons and daughters of India and Myanmar,” the Prime Minister said, addressing the gathering. The Prime Minister elaborated on the rich spiritual traditions of Myanmar.

The Prime Minister said that the Indian diaspora is like “Rashtra-doot” for India. He said that the global recognition of Yoga is the achievement of the diaspora, who took it to all corners of the world.

“When I meet you, I also feel that communication of our people living in foreign countries with government authorities in India is not a one way traffic any more,” the Prime Minister said.

“We are not merely reforming our country, we are transforming it,” the Prime Minister asserted, adding that an India free from poverty, terrorism, corruption, communalism, and casteism is being created.

The Prime Minister said that the Union Government in India is focusing on infrastructure. He said that good infrastructure is no longer about roads and railways alone – it includes several other aspects that bring about a qualitative change in society. He said that the Government has not shied away from taking decisions that are tough.

The Prime Minister said GST is ushering in a new culture across the nation. He said that the people of India have the confidence that India can be transformed and we can break free from some of the evils that entered our system.

The Prime Minister said that people-to-people ties are the strength of India-Myanmar relations.

Mr. Phyo Min Thein, Chief Minister of Yangon Region, was present at the gathering.