PM Modi enquires about Coronavirus patients in Pune from Dr Borse of Naidu Hospital, ‘Will Win Battle’

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Pune, March 29, 2020: During his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ episode, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to doctors who are at the forefront in the fight against Coronavirus COVID19. PM Modi interacted with Dr Rohidas Borse from BJ Medical College, who is currently working at PMC run Naidu Hospital, where Coronavirus positive patients are being treated.

Here are the excerpts from the conversation “

PM Modi: Namaste Doctor
Doctor Borse: Namaste Namaste

PM Modi: You are working relentlessly in the true spirit of ‘Service to Mankind is service to God’. I want to speak to you today on something that will be a message for our countrymen. Firstly, a question that strikes the minds of many is when to contact doctors and when to go for the Corona test! As a doctor, you have dedicated yourself completely in the service of patients. Your words carry weight. I want to hear it from you.

Doctor: Sir, I am a Professor at B.J.Medical College, Pune. And in Pune, there is a Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) Hospital, named Naidu Hospital. It has a fully functional screening centre since January 2020. Here till date, 16 Covid -19 positive cases have been diagnosed. And out of those 16 cases, after due quarantine, isolation and treatment, 7 patients have been discharged, Sir. And the remaining nine cases are also very stable and doing well.

Despite the virus being inside their bodies, they are getting well; they are recovering out of the Coronavirus. Here the sample size is tiny Sir…only 16 cases. But cases of the young population getting affected are coming to light. And despite that, the disease itself is not that serious a disease. It’s a mild disease and patients are successfully recovering. And those remaining 9 people are also going to be well, they are not going to deteriorate, we are keeping a watch on them daily. They are also going to be well in another 4-5 days. From people who come here as suspects; international travellers and those who come into contact with them…we take a swab… oropharyngeal and nasal. If the nasal swab report is positive, the patient is being admitted to the positive ward. If negative, we advise the patient on home quarantine, how it is to be done at home. After this advice, they are sent home.

PM Modi: What do you explain to them? While at home what aspects do you elucidate to them?
Doctor: Sir, even if one stays at home, one has to stay quarantined there. Observing a 6 feet distance is mandatory. Secondly, one has to use a mask and wash hands very frequently. If you do not have sanitisation, you can use simple soap and water to wash hands, but you have to keep doing it frequently. And while coughing or sneezing, use a simple handkerchief to cough on, so that droplets are not able to spread, nor fall on the floor, thus preventing hand contact and further spread. We explain this Sir. The second thing is, when they are supposed to be in home quarantine, they are not supposed to leave home at all. During the current lockdown, they ought to be home quarantined properly for a minimum of 14 days…we are informing them, this is our message to them, Sir.

PM Modi: Fine Doctor, you are doing a great service and with selfless dedication…your entire team is at work. I firmly believe that all our patients there return home safely. We shall win this battle…it will be a victory for the country…with the help from all of you.
Doctor: Sir we believe we shall overcome. We shall win this battle.

PM Modi: Doctor, many good wishes to you. Thank You.
Doctor: Thank you, Thank You, Sir.