PM Modi Urges Followers to Remove ‘Modi ka Parivar’ from Social Media Handles

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New Delhi, 12th June 2024: On the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photograph bowing to the Constitution became the cover image of the official ‘PMO India’ social media account, he called on his followers to remove ‘Modi ka Parivar’ from their social media handles.

In March, numerous BJP leaders and supporters had added ‘Modi ka Parivar’ to their social media bios in a show of solidarity with the prime minister. This move came after RJD chief Lalu Prasad taunted Modi for having no family, to which Modi responded by declaring that he considers the entire country his family. This statement was widely perceived as a counter to the opposition, which Modi has often criticized as being composed of dynastic parties.

“With the message of all of us being one family having been effectively conveyed, I would once again thank the people of India and request that you may now remove ‘Modi ka Parivar’ from your social media properties,” the prime minister posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Tuesday.