PM Modi with a ‘heart’ rescues 6 yr old girl in Pune

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Six year old Vaishali Yadav from Fursungi, located on the outskirt of Pune, will cherish Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s help for her lifetime. The minor girl, who suffered from a hole in her heart, wrote to PM Modi seeking help for costly surgery which her family could not afford.

PM’s intervention got her free heart surgery after two and half years since the hole was detected.

And Prime Minister Narendra Modi showed that he is the leader with a heart. Within five days of her letter reaching the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), directions came from New Delhi to the Pune district collector Saurabh Rao to trace the girl, as no address or contact number was mentioned, and get her surgery done.

The tiny girl wrote in Marathi “Modi Sarkar mala madat pahije” which translates “Modi government I need help”.

As per information obtained from collector office, Vaishali studies at Pradnya Shishu Vihar School in Fursungi. Her father Monish (35) migrated to Pune from neighboring Ahmadnagar district due to drought. About two and half years ago, Vaishali had fainted in school and when examined by doctors it was found that she has a hole in her heart. Since then Monish and his brother Pratap had been pleading for help from politicians, NGOs, social workers but in vain.

Vaishali lives at her uncle Pratap’s house, who works as a painter. Due to poverty, once her uncle had to sell her toy cycle for Rs 90 to get medicines for her.

On May 20 Vaishali saw PM Modi on television and wrote the letter to him and had also attached a copy of her school identity card. She had taken permission from her uncle for the letter. And the impact was instant.

On May 26, Dr Shrikar Pardeshi, director at PMO, issued directions to Pune district collector Saurabh Rao. Rao formed a team headed by the district civil surgeon which traced Vaishali after two days.

Her uncle Pratap was surprised when some people from Vaishali’s school came looking for her. “They told me that the district collector wanted to meet us. Soon a meeting of doctors was held and her operation was done free of cost at Ruby Hall clinic,” Pratap said.