PMC To Increase Drain Carrying Capacity To Prevent Floods In Pune

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Pune, 26th March 2023: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is taking precautions to avoid a repeat of the monsoon floods that occurred in some parts of the city a few years ago.


According to Municipal Commissioner Vikram Kumar, the carrying capacity of the drains will be increased to ensure proper drainage of water from the hill slopes.


The Municipal Corporation has emphasized the construction of walls around the drains, culvert construction, and drain cleaning since last year, taking into account the flood situation that occurred due to heavy rainfall in the city. This year, the municipal corporation has given priority to pre-monsoon works, with more attention to be given to increasing the carrying capacity of the drains.


Kumar stated that there are many hill ranges surrounding the city, and the PMC is ensuring that water from these areas is not obstructed in any way. The carrying capacity of the drains will be increased by removing obstacles in the drains so that water flows without hindrance, he added.


If more than 75 cm of rain falls in Pune, a flood situation occurs. In recent years, waterlogging has also occurred in the city during low rainfall.


Therefore, the works of 360 places that store water in the city have been completed. Kumar stated that a private organization provided information about areas where water accumulates, and measures are being taken to prevent water accumulation in these areas.


Kumar stated that pre-monsoon works in Pune city would begin in the first week of April, and the tender process for the same has been completed. He added that the concerned department would be provided with more manpower for pre-monsoon work, and these works would be completed from April to June.