PMPML Changes Bus Routes For Pune’s Pedestrian Day Celebration On Laxmi Road

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Pune, 9th December 2023: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is all set to mark December 11 as Pedestrian Day, transforming the bustling Laxmi Road (Umbrya Ganapati Chowk to Garud Ganapati Chowk) into a vehicle-free zone from 10 am to 8 pm. In preparation for this initiative, the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Ltd (PMPML) has announced changes to bus routes on Laxmi Road.

According to PMPML, the following adjustments will be in effect:

1. Bus routes 7 and 9 will be temporarily closed.
2. Bus routes 55, 58, and 59 will maintain their regular routes through Kumthekar Road when heading towards Shanipar and Appa Balvant Chowk. On the return journey from Shanipar, they will continue on their usual path through Narayan Peth, Alka Talkies Chowk, and beyond.
3. Buses on Route 57 heading to Pune Station will divert from Bus Route 94 via Narayan Peth to Alka Talkies Chowk before continuing on their regular routes.
4. Buses on routes 81, 144, 144A, 144C, and 283 will follow their regular route when heading to Pune Station but will take the PMC route when coming from Pune station.
5. Buses on route 174 will stick to their regular route from Pune Station to NDA until Pune City Post, where they will turn left from Pune City Post Chowk to Swargate, Sarasbaug, Tilak Road, Deccan Corner, and then resume their regular route from NDA to Pune Station.
6. Buses on routes 197 and 202, traveling from Hadapsar to Kothrud Depot/Warje Malwadi, will follow their regular route until Pune City Post. From there, they will turn left from Pune City Post Chowk to Swargate, Sarasbaug, Tilak Road, Deccan Corner, and then continue on their regular route from Kothrud Depot/Warje Malwadi to Hadapsar.
7. Buses on Route 68 will maintain their usual route when heading to Upper Depot and will use Tilak Road when coming from Upper Depot to Sutardara.

Post the conclusion of the ‘Walking Plaza,’ buses on all the aforementioned routes will revert to their regular paths.

To facilitate citizens attending the ‘Walking Plaza,’ buses from Nagarkar Talim Chowk (N.M.V. Chowk) to Bajirao Road, Pune Municipal Corporation, and back to Nagarkar Talim Chowk (N.M.V. Chowk) will run every 30 minutes. Buses from Swargate to Umbrya Ganpati Chowk to Swargate will operate every 40 minutes, and buses from Deccan to Umbrya Ganpati Chowk to Deccan will run every 30 minutes. Increased frequency of buses has been arranged for enhanced convenience.

Additionally, for the ease of citizens traveling from Shivajinagar Civil Court Metro Station, buses on bus route 2, from Shivajinagar Railway Station to Swargate, will pass through Civil Court Metro Station every 4 minutes.

Citizens are encouraged to take advantage of these adjusted bus services for a seamless experience during the Pedestrian Day celebration.