Pooja Bhatt Marks Seven Years Sober, Shares Inspiring Journey

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23rd December 2023: Pooja Bhatt, a renowned Bollywood actress celebrated for her roles in iconic films like Daddy, Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi, and Sadak, encountered a challenging phase in her personal life when she grappled with alcohol addiction.

Realizing the detrimental impact of alcohol on her life, Pooja bravely made the decision to quit in 2016. This marked a significant turning point, a decision laden with difficulty but one she steadfastly adhered to.

Recently, Pooja Bhatt commemorated seven years of sobriety with a heartfelt post on social media. Reflecting on the arduous journey, she shared her struggle and the pride she takes in overcoming this challenge. Pooja posted sun-soaked pictures, captioning them with reflections on the seven-year milestone.

Expressing gratitude, Pooja acknowledged the support of those who aided her on this transformative journey. Her openness extends beyond personal milestones, often discussing her life, including the battle with alcohol addiction.

In offering advice to those wrestling with alcohol addiction, Pooja emphasized solidarity, proclaiming, “You are not alone.” Drawing from her own experience, she conveyed a message of hope, asserting that if she could triumph over alcohol, so could others.

Pooja candidly discussed her battle with alcohol addiction on the television show Bigg Boss. She revealed the struggle she faced, decisively choosing to confront her drinking problem and embark on the path to recovery.

Rejecting any stigma associated with her past, Pooja openly admitted her past alcohol consumption. She asserted that her decision to quit was made transparently, refusing to hide her journey. Correcting the label of being called an alcoholic, she proudly identified as a “recovering alcoholic,” emphasizing her ongoing fight against addiction.