Poonam Pandey looks stunning from the sets of her latest music video  in a budget of under 10000 rupees

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Mumbai, 17 Aug 2021: Poonam Pandey looks ethereal from the stills of her latest music video which was shot in her bedroom.The music video was produced under 10000 rupees and yes you read that right. Wow, that’s some start for the music video. Poonam Pandey is art personified and we can vouch for the quality of the music video even though it’s not too elaborate and has been produced at under 10000 bucks. Well, with Poonam, impossible is just I M possible and she truly embodies that. Let’s just hear it from the lady herself.
“There was this crazy concept with my director cum DOP. It just needed a bedroom set up. The first thought that came to me was that my bedroom is the best place for that. We explored options and ended up shooting it in my bedroom. We just needed minimalistic stuff and we did it under 10 grands. I have seen the stills and I love them. I hope the audience likes it too. It’s ultimately that which matters. The concept is very interesting and I am waiting for the music video to release as soon as possible. I am here only for the entertainment of my audience and I call them my people. Stay safe and get vaccinated everyone. We are going to win this war against the virus.”