President Shri Pranab Mukherjee Addresses 7th Public Sector Day Function

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Gives away Scope Excellence Awards


To face the challenges of a Globally Integrated Economy, It is Equally Essential that our CPSES Collaborate and pool their resources to face and overcome Competition-Pranab Mukherjee

President Shri Pranab Mukherjee today addressed the 7th Public Sector Day and   gave away SCOPE Excellence Awards in a function jointly organized by Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) and Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) here in New Delhi. On this occasion he also addressed the Chief Executives of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs). The President expressed his happiness on being with the audience. He thanked the Standing Conference of Public Enterprises (SCOPE) and Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) for their meticulous organization of this function every year since its inception in 2010. He also   complimented DPE and SCOPE for recognizing Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) for the efforts put in by them and their achievements in inculcating leadership qualities. It is also a matter of satisfaction that the role of women in CPSEs is being recognized and acknowledged through presentation of a special citation for Outstanding Woman Manager in CPSEs.

Shri Pranab Mukherjee said the contribution of the Indian Public Sector in ensuring balanced economic and industrial development cannot be over emphasized. The public sector has grown exponentially since independence in all metrics of measurement be it in terms of numbers, diversification, volume of investment and global presence. These achievements become even more significant when viewed in the backdrop of lack of capital and entrepreneurship skills in early years of post-independent India, reluctance of private players to set up capital intensive industries having a long gestation period and the need for generating employment and ensuring balanced socio-economic and regional development of the country. It is a truism that at most times, early on, the profit motive was eschewed in preference to the broader objective of overall societal development.

He said  the Minister of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises and other dignitaries have very ably elucidated various accomplishments of CPSEs over the years as also the policy initiatives taken by Government to further improve the performance of CPSEs. He also complimented the DPE & SCOPE for their proactive role in taking new initiatives to revamp and reinvent public sector management policies aimed at ensuring sustained long term development of CPSEs, enhanced autonomy to PSU Boards, Corporate Governance and CSR. Such periodic policy reviews and course corrections help in dovetailing the priorities of Government with the working of CPSEs and produce a synergistic multiplier impact on the growth of the economy.

The President said as per available data, during 2014-15, PSEs could register a growth of 7% in Paid up Capital & Capital Employed; 10.5% in total investment and 20% in total market capitalization as compared to the previous year. On an average during the last 3 years from 2012-13 to 2014-15, operating PSEs could earn an overall net profit of Rs. 1,15,426 crore, generate Gross Turnover/ Revenue of Rs. 20,02,591 crore and pay dividend of Rs. 57,115 crore. The contribution of the PSEs in the nation’s economy has, thus, continued to be significant year after year.

Referring to the Prime Minister and the Governments outlined ambitious and clear vision for inclusive development of the country. Programmes like “Make in India”, “Skill Building”, “Digital India” and “Swachch Bharat” are the cornerstones for the future development of India, the president expressed happiness to note the PSE’s contributions towards these national priority areas. He complimented SCOPE for bringing out a comprehensive Compendium showcasing the CPSEs contributions towards these initiatives.

On the important role played by CPSEs in the Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan of the Government he complimented the management and employees of these enterprises for their wholesome participation in this unique initiative of the Government. He said, the CPSEs may like to consider taking up a common cause or issue aimed at upliftment of the country under their CSR action plan every year. This would possibly result in optimum utilization of available resources while at the same time allowing CPSEs the flexibility to choose different common causes to be undertaken under CSR every year depending upon the broader thrust areas identified by Government, the President noted.

The President said our Budget has drawn attention to the need for unlocking the wealth of CPSEs for greater economic activity. CPSEs need to take immediate steps to identify and unlock the surplus land available with them as the same can be used in generating much needed public investments to boost the economy and increase employment opportunities. There is a similar need for identifying and unlocking the free surplus reserves which are available with our CPSEs so that the same may be utilized for undertaking enhanced capital expenditure.

He said in order to face the challenges of a globally integrated economy, it is equally essential that our CPSEs collaborate and pool their resources to face and overcome competition. The financial, technical and manpower resources of our CPSEs need to be shared to enable better and more optimal solutions in increasingly customer driven markets. The exceptional human capital available with CPSEs should be harnessed to develop suitable strategies and interventions which lead to improvement in performance and expansion of operations both in domestic and global markets. It is heartening to note that CPSEs have continued to be model employers and have maintained ethical standards in their operations in the face of ever increasing competition.

Mentioning Women empowerment as the key to the development of society, he noted with delight to see SCOPE awarding a special citation for Outstanding Woman Manager in CPSEs, thus promoting and applauding the role of women executives in the Public Sector. He said it is also heartening to note that various programmes are being organized for the growth and development of women employees in CPSEs.

The President said, I am particularly glad that given the competitive environment, the PSEs undertook significant initiatives for up scaling technologies and capacities in order to operate at par with their private counterparts in a progressively liberalizing economy. The continued efforts at excellence have helped several of our PSEs become self-reliant and play a critical role in building the Indian economy.

The long term growth prospects of the Indian economy continue to be positive. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) describes our economy as the only ‘bright spot’ in an otherwise bleak economic scenario globally. The Government remains committed to the India growth story and to progressive macro-level consolidation, both on the fiscal and monetary fronts. It is, therefore, incumbent on all of us, particularly the Public Sector, to continue to strive towards excellence with a view to fast-tracking the pace of economic development in the country, Shri Mukherjee added.

The President on this occasion complimented the management and employees of award winning CPSEs for their hard work, team effort and perseverance. He this will be a motivation to all employees for bettering their performance and attaining the highest levels of efficiency. He also expressed happiness on the organizing of ‘Public Sector Day’ in various CPSEs throughout the country today.


Welcoming the President Union Minister of Heavy Industry and Public Enterprises said we are confident of getting your support and valuable advice in our endeavours to make this country a developed nation. Expressing gratitude for sparing valuable time to give away the SCOPE Excellence Awards by President the minister said the global economic scenario is fast changing and there is an equal challenge for both the private as well as public sector to sustain and prove mettle. If we look ahead for future then it appears well auguring for us as we have initiated afresh investments in certain key areas, specially the infrastructure establishment area. It will have a positive impact and will result in a better developmental index for India compared to other countries. Our Central Government owned Public Enterprises (CPSEs) have played a very important role in furthering the economy and we must acknowledge that through this a strong industrial and economic development set up has been established in the country. He hoped that CPSEs will continue to usher in the likewise role in the national development.

For years CPSEs have acted as a catalyst in the balanced national economic and industrial development. The resources were developed is a such mineral which could ensure the overall development of the society across the country and the fruits of development be tasted by all. The unabated impressive performance has proved that our CPSEs are not afraid of competition and face new challenges with courage and strong commitment in the same way Government has also promoted public sector enterprises and has made such an environment where even in the global age CPSEs are ready face challenges. This happen only possible because government empowered PSE and gave them a favourable atmosphere.

Speaking on this occasion Minister of State in the M/o Heavy Industry & Public Enterprises Shri G.M Siddeswara said  as of now the process of signing of MoUs by PSEs have led to phenomenon changing in the working of PSEs and by this they have been available to achieve tough as well as viable results. As an interface between the PSE and their administrative ministries, the Departmental of Public Enterprises has been very crucial. The Minister said India is a young country who 65 percent population is below the age of 35 years. This demographic dividend has to be judiciously used. For this PSEs have started working on the government agenda of skill development. Now a big chunk from the CSR fund of these company is being spent on the skill development programmes of the marginal and weaker sections of the society. This shows the working of CPSEs for the national cause. The minister expressed hope that PSEs will stand for the hopes and confidence of countrymen forever.

Mr. A. Luikham Secretary, DPE on this occasion said being the challenge of corporate governance area or achieving the target of booked orders, or challenge of increasing production a productivity or timely up gradation of technical and commercial aspects, government patronage was available every moment. Only then the organising of public sector day is possible. Not only this, autonomy was given to the board of directors of PSEs. There will be prompt action in the future also.

Shri R. G. Rajan, Chairman, SCOPE in his welcome address said Public Sector Day celebrate true spirit and commitment of Public Sector to take India on a higher growth trajectory and human development. He said many Public Sector Enterprises have performed admirably well in the cutting edge competitive environment and are committed to promoting technological innovations, R&D, CSR while protecting the environment.

Dr. U. D. Choubey, Director General, SCOPE in his vote of thanks reaffirmed the commitment of the Public Sector for economic growth and social upliftment. He highlighted the new initiative of SCOPE to establish Public Sector Academy that shall provide integrated training and capacity building to the critical mass in PSEs which in long run shall develop a cadre of Public Sector professionals in line with All India Services. Dr. Choubey also emphasized for further reforms in Public Sector in line with OECD and other Asian and South East Asian countries where the trend is to consolidate   sovereign holding in SOEs.

Following are the winners of Excellence Awards:






Institutional Category I (Maharatna/ Navratna PSEs)

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited

Institutional Category II (Miniratna I & II PSEs)

SJVN Limited

THDC India Limited

Institutional Category III (Other Profit Making PSEs)

Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd

NTPC-SAIL Power Company Pvt. Ltd (Commendation Certificate)

Special Institutional Category (Turnaround)

BEML Limited



Individual Leadership Category- I (Maharatna/ Navratna PSEs)

Ms. Nishi Vasudeva, Former CMD, HPCL

Mr.  S. Varadarajan, CMD, BPCL

Individual Leadership Category- II (Miniratna I & II PSEs)

Mr. R. K. Gupta, CMD, WAPCOS Limited

Outstanding Women Manager In PSEs

Mr.Vartika Shukla, ED, EIL






Institutional Category I (Maharatna/ Navratna PSEs)

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Neyveli Lignite Corporation Limited

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited (Commendation Certificate)

Institutional Category II (Miniratna I & II PSEs)

WAPCOS Limited

THDC India Limited (Commendation Cerfificate)

Institutional Category III (Other Profit Making PSEs)

NTPC- SAIL Power Company Pvt. Ltd

Special Institutional Category (Turnaround)

National Seeds Corporation Limited

Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India






Institutional Category I (Maharatna/ Navratna PSEs)

Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited

GAIL (India) Limited

Institutional Category II (Miniratna I & II PSEs)

Goa Shipyard Limited

SJVN Limited (Commendation Certificate)

Institutional Category III

Petronet LNG Limited

Special Institutional Category (Turnaround)

Cement Corporation of India Limited