Preterm baby overcomes multiple health challenges at YCMH-NICU

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Pimpri, 21 June 2024: In a remarkable medical journey, the NICU team at Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital (YCMH) successfully managed to save the life of a preterm baby boy who faced severe health challenges from birth.

Born prematurely at 28.3 weeks, the baby, weighing just 810 grams, was delivered in an autorickshaw as his 21-year-old mother rushed to New Bhosari Hospital. Tragically, his twin sister, weighing 900 grams, succumbed to severe respiratory distress syndrome despite receiving surfactant treatment.

Initially placed on CPAP support, the baby boy soon developed necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) on his fourth day of life. This condition manifested with bloody aspirates and a significant decline in platelet counts, necessitating over three fresh frozen plasma (FFP) transfusions and a packed cell volume (PCV) transfusion over the next five days.

Complications continued when the baby required mechanical ventilatory support for two days. Despite this, the medical team noticed an inguinal hernia on the right side, presenting with redness and tenderness. Due to financial constraints and the baby’s low birth weight, seeking surgical intervention in private hospitals was not feasible.

Dr. Anand Zingade, Associate Professor of Surgery at YCMH, stepped in to perform the critical operation on the 720-gram infant. Post-surgery, the baby was closely monitored for NEC and other complications, including grade 2 germinal matrix hemorrhage in the brain, which caused frequent apneas.

Under the diligent care of Dr. Deepali Ambike, Head of Pediatrics, and her team, including Dr. Suryakant Mundlod, Associate Professor, Dr. Goutham, and Dr. Tanveer, the baby showed significant improvement. Over a 63-day period, the infant received two additional blood transfusions and gained weight steadily, reaching 1300 grams.

The successful discharge of the baby marks a significant achievement for YCMH-NICU. Special acknowledgments were given to Dean of YCM Hospital Dr. Rajendra Wabale, and Additional Medical Officer of Health Dr. Abhaychandra Dadewar for their continuous support throughout this challenging case.